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Zwickenplug’s BMW M3 Leather Edition, How Now Brown Cow?

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Thumbing its distinctive nose at BMW’s public financial problems, German tuning Haus Zwickenpflug has engineered the BMW M3 Leather Edition. As one would assume from the name, the M3 Leather Edition is festooned with more leather than you can shake a cattle prod at, including Alcantra leather inserts for the door panels, steering wheel, dashboard, and sport seats. Admirably, Zwickenpflug wasn’t content to leave such a lavishly decorated performance machine stock, and also equipped the M3 Leather Edition with some impressive upgrades.

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Performing a little German magic on the ECU, Zwickenpflug managed to boost the output of the M3’s 4.0L V8 a solid 25 units from 420-hp to 445-hp. An essentially pointless upgrade when met with the limiting power of the governor, Zwickenpflug also took the initiative to remove the M3’s electronic speed limiter, thereby granting it the freedom to gallop up to its full 202 mph potential. Basically loaded with every accessory a playboy could possibly need, the only thing Zwickenpflug’s M3 Leather edition is missing is a frilly pair of panties flying from the radio antennae.

Source: RpmGo.com

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