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ZUGO: Yugo, Electrified

Posted in Design, EcoLust, Electric Cars by Dustin Driver | January 12th, 2012 | 2 Responses |

The Yugo was supposed to unite the Balkans under an umbrella of capitalism, to infuse the area with much-needed jobs and cash. Instead, the car was crap. Still, there’s something endearing about the little hatchback, something honest and pure. That’s why it still has a special place in our hearts—and why designer Milos Paripovic has re-imagined it as an electric. Oh, and also because he wanted to poke fun at electric cars.

Paripovic initially designed the ZUGO as a joke, equipping it with awesome features like a heated rear panel for when you and your passengers have to get out and push.

The concept also uses lightweight composite materials—again, making it easier to push when the batteries run out. And there’s also rear-mounted pressure sensors and and LCD display so you can tell who among the passengers is pushing hardest. It’s funny in a har-har kind of way, but the design is actually quite good. Good enough to win 5th place in a European design contest. 

It’s a sweet-looking little city car, even with its receding headline and ’80s-style headlights. From the rear three quarters view, you can even imagine a “sport” version.

What do you think? Would you consider the above car? Maybe if it had a Renault or Peugeot badge?


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2 Responses

  1. djrosa@hotmail.com says:

    i dunno i actually like how it looks and i can sorta imagine one with a v6 or a turbocharged 2 litre engine in the middle, like a clio v6,the old renault 5 turbo or the golf w12 concept

    but then again ive always had a weakspot for the eastblock cars like the vaz, yugo, Lada and so on. infact ive been really close to buying a lada niva 4×4.

  2. Mike Wadas says:

    I actually like the design of the car. It only depends on the range, and MSRP is whether I buy it or not. EV are most often overpriced out of the market, and do not cater to those who need these vehicles. I’m waiting for the first company to offer us a real choice.