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Zombie Apocalypse? This Unimog Camper Says, ‘Bring It’

Posted in 4x4, Cool Stuff, General, Mercedes Benz, Off-Roading, Trucks by Kurt Ernst | July 18th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

1980 Mercedes Benz Unimog

We live in uncertain times. As someone once said, civilized society is just three missed meals away from anarchy, and I tend to agree with them. If you’re like me, you want a little insurance for when things go from bad to worse, but buying an armored personnel carrier probably isn’t going to fly with your significant other. Or your neighbors, unless you live next door to a militia group.

1980 Mercedes Benz Unimog

On the other hand, who wouldn’t agree to buying a camper? Sell you wife on the idea of “romantic weekend getaways”, while you’re really thinking about the collapse of Western civilization. At a buy it now price of just $24,000, this eBay Unimog is a whole lot cheaper than an isolated cabin in Tennessee, and a whole lot easier to get to when the fertilizer hits the rotary oscillator.

The seller doesn’t give a lot of information, which raises a few red flags. The ‘Mog is a 1980 model 416 with about 33,000 miles on it, and it comes equipped with new tires, a winch, onboard compressor, high intensity fog lamps and a solar battery recharging system. He admits that the camper had a run in with a tree a few years back, but says the side was patched (with duct tape and Bondo, from the looks of it). Think of it as a vacation home that needs a little work; at least the seller is realistic about the price.

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2 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Dude, too coool! Unimogs are awesome, and this has to be the neatest camper ever. They need to seel these things new in the States!

  2. Kurt says:

    I hear you, Dan, but you can’t even buy new ‘Mogs in the States these days.