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Zhejiang 001: Solar Panels + Cherry QQ = Profit

Posted in General by Vito Rispo | October 28th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

The Zhejiang’s 001 Group have slapped some solar panels on the Cherry QQ (pictured above) and are selling it as a 100% solar powered car. The panels can charge the battery enough for a 3-mile trip in just one hour. After a full charge of 30 hours in the sun, the car can travel up to 90 miles.

It’s a bit of a silly looking car, since the panels are basically just bolted to the top of the car without any thought to aesthetics at all; you can see a picture at the bottom of this post. The panels almost look like an over-sized roofrack.

According to the company, the panels can absorb up to 95 percent of solar energy, but can only transform 14 to 17 percent to electricity. Only ten of the solar cars have been manufactured so far, but more production is planned. Unfortunately, you won’t have much luck finding one outside of China, although from the looks of it, just buy a Cherry QQ and some solar panels and you could probably make one yourself.

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