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Zero S: Electric Supermoto

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Zero Motorcycles Zero S

If you’re into motorcycles then you’ll remember that about ten years ago we began to see a shift in the types of bikes found in urban environments. Harley Davidson’s and hipster Ducati’s were all the rage, until that is, someone got smart and decided that enduros were actually the better way to go for bouncing over city potholes. Bikes like Honda’s XR650L and Kawaski’s KLR650 were now ditching their off-road tires in favor of nice street wheels clad with sticky rubber. The long travel suspension and upright riding positions made these the perfect machines for blitzing through tight city streets and bouncing over potholes. Now it seems that a California bike company called Zero Motorcycles has introduced a bike called the Zero S. It’s a bitchin’ looking enduro, but one that comes with a catch (and a cord). You see this sucker is electric.

It’s got a lightweight aluminum frame, trick suspension and one big-ass honkin’ battery. Weight wise the Zero S only comes in at about 300 lbs. which is pretty standard for enduros. Performance wise the bike is just “OK”. With a top end of about 70 mph it’s not going to break any speed records, however it is virtually maintenance free and only takes about 2.5 hrs. to recharge the battery pack to 100%. If there is a downside it has to be the Zero S’s range as it’s only about 50 miles. This is great if you’re just tooling around town, but anything more than that means frequent 2.5 hr. stops. I think the bike is definitely a start in the right direction, but like anything that has to do with technology, we’re pretty sure that version 2.0 isn’t that far off and will be better in all respects.

Source: Gizmag.com

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