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Zero Moto: An Electric Motorcycle Never Looked So Good!

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Zero Moto Electric Motorcycle

We know that the electric car, scooter and motorcycle craze is now in full swing. Manufacturers and designers are working day in and day out to get their concepts to market with the hopes that they will be one of the first to grab a solid foothold in the market. While the engineers work on the platforms the tech geeks keep trying to design lighter and more efficient battery packs that will hopefully keep up with industry needs. The real fun though is the visual aspect of how these vehicles will look when complete, and that ladies and gents is where the designers come in.

Zero Moto Electric Motorcycle

This is the Zero Moto concept, an electric motorcycle that utilizes electric motors which are placed in the hubs of the front and rear wheels. Developed by designer Wes Rhoad, this creation was inspired by Rhoad’s love for art deco design and the steam locomotive. It has a very low center of gravity due to battery pack placement and with a steering design that allows the front and rear wheels to turn in towards each other, the Zero Moto has a very tight turning radius. If produced the top speed is expected to be around 90 mph with a range of about 120 miles. The best part about this thing though are its looks, I mean this thing is simply beautiful! Who knows, if machines like this end up being built I may just have to pony up some cash.

Source: BeautifulLife.info

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