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You’re Doing it Wrong: Tire Inflation Fail

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Tire Mounting Fail

Having the right tools for the job always makes life a little easier, especially if you know how to use them. Sometimes however one has to improvise and when this occurs bad things tend to happen. It’s a known fact that mounting low-profile tires on a large wheel can sometimes be difficult. For example, many of the mounting machines used today were simply not designed to handle 19-inch or larger wheels. Therefore people have resorted to utilizing other methods. Now getting a tire on a rim is one thing, but getting that bead seated so that it holds air is another. Most of the time a good tire tech can use padded pry bars to finagle a tire into place, however those less skilled sometimes resort to using things like ether and a match. Does this work… well, sometimes, but it should only be done in emergency situations, with proper safety equipment and only outdoors. Click through for the video.

Source: Autoholics.com

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