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You’re Doing it Wrong: Stuntman Fail

Posted in Funny, General, Videos by MrAngry | June 10th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Jumper Fail

Ever watch a movie and see an action hero jump out a window or survive a massive explosion? Well I’ve got news for you, that’s the stuntman and not Tom Cruise. Stuntmen and women train day in and day out in the pursuit of providing viewers with perfectly timed action sequences that thrill us every time we take our seat. There are those however who think that just because they’ve seen a few Jackie Chan movies that they themselves can pull off death defying stunts with no problems. Some people try and get VERY lucky, while other guys, like Johnny Flatbottom here miss the mark entirely. A word to the wise… please don’t try this at home, you’d fail miserably and then we’d just have to make fun of you.

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One Response

  1. Mr.Totem says:

    my lady said:

    you know it hurts bad when your on the ground doing the “i gotta pee pee” legs…

    and LOL to the “NUB TV” graffiti behind broham come-to-my-rescue love…