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You’re Doing it Wrong: Dirt Bike Fail

Posted in Best of, FAIL, FAIL / Funny, Funny, Funny Videos, General, Motorcycle, Videos by MrAngry | December 20th, 2012 | 1 Response |

Ball Buster Bike Jump

It’s no secret that the male genitalia is not something to mess around with as it was designed to perform a specified set of functions. Now normally these functions happen day to day without a hint of failure, however when foreign elements are introduced into the game plan, well then, that’s when all hell breaks loose. Take the two brain surgeons in the following clip. Apparently they thought it would be a good idea to perform a stunt whereby one friend attempts to clear the others junk on a mechanized dirt bike. Obviously it doesn’t end well, but you won’t know that until you feel the pain after the jump.

Source: Streetfire.net

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One Response

  1. BenT. says:

    Can’t find the video in the Streetfire homepage… would help if you post a link that actually goes to the specific video. :p