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You’re Doing it Wrong: Car Jump Fail

Posted in Best of, Car Stunts, FAIL, FAIL / Funny, Hoonage, Stunts, Videos by MrAngry | July 28th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Car Jump Fail

Math… it’s my nemesis and something that I wholeheartedly loathe. I hated it when I was a kid, and I hate it even more now as an adult. Simply put, I’m just not wired properly for numbers and the thought of dealing with them just freaks me out. There are however times when all those little digits can come in quite handy. Stunt men for instance use math on a daily basis to figure out how to properly execute safe stunts for our enjoyment. They calculate things like distance, rate of speed and ramp slope. Get these calculations right and things usually go off without a hitch, screw them up though and well, things can go south very quickly. The following video shows what happens when you throw caution to the wind and simply go for broke.

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