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You’re Doing It Wrong: Automotive Delivery Fail

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Auto Transport Accident

Cars are generally shipped in one of two ways; either via an enclosed trailer, or on the flat bed of an open transport. Nine times out of ten nothing goes wrong, as most shippers are qualified to handle just about any situation. However when things do go wrong, they usually go wrong big. I’ve shipped cars all over the country and in doing so have had my share of ups and downs. I’ve seen clutches blown, exhausts smashed up, as well as some nice dings in my bodywork. In the end though most companies have insurance to cover any damages, but for those that don’t… oh deary me. Take this transporter for instance; on the bed he’s got what looks like a 1968 Plymouth Fury, a car that weighs almost 5,000 lbs. and by the looks of it, it’s held on the ramp via its parking brake only. Therefore it should have come as no surprise to the driver when the big ole’ sled rolled off the ramp and into the Ford pickup that was parked in front of it. Maybe next time he’ll remember to put those wheel chocks under those front tires and avoid another headache.

Source: Streetfire.net

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