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You’re Doing It Wrong: Aquatic Fails

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Boating Accident

First off I don’t want everyone out there to get all pissy because this video contains a bunch of boats. Remember, this site is called RIDELUST, which means that if you can ride in it, on it, or on top of it then it qualifies to be here. Anyway, when I was a kid I used to work down at this marina on the North shore of Long Island. It was a small boat yard with a single ramp, but that didn’t stop people from totally screwing the pooch when it came to launching their boats. I’ve seen boats fall off trailers, run over trailers and sink right there on the spot. Hell, I’ve even seen cars and trucks go under simply because owners forgot to either chock the wheels or put on the parking brakes. It was a true comedy of errors working down there and I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of it. Presented here is a great compilation of boating mishaps that will make you think twice before heading down to the boat ramp. Click through for the video.

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