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Your Wait Is Over: 2010 Miss Tuning Finalists Announced

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Martina Ivezaj, proving that sometimes 'mistuning' can be a good thing.

Tuning World Bodensee has released images of the contestants for the 2010 Miss Tuning crown, currently belonging to Martina Ivezaj, pictured above. The winner will be announced during the 2010 Tuning World Bodensee event, scheduled for May 13 to 16. Knowing the Germans, I’m sure the contestants have to do something other than look good in a bikini. I’m not sure if there are hands-free bratwurst eating contests, but if not, there should be.

In addition to fame and fortune (and lots of pics on the internet), the winner gets a yet-to-be-identified “sports car” and will be in a photo shoot “somewhere in the U.S. Great Lakes”. Which of course makes me wonder if the runner up gets TWO trips to the Great Lakes.

Anyway, enjoy the contestant pics below:

This is the exact driving position for a Lotus Esprit Turbo. Photo: autobild.de

Here we see the benefits of water cooling. Photo: autobild.de

This outfit is guaranteed to get you out of a speeding ticket. Photo: autobild.de

'I know that damn drain plug is here somewhere...' Photo: autobild.de

Don't know why she's holding an alternator behind her back... Photo: autobild.de

Bikini is made from real simulated leather. Photo: autobild.de

Now THAT'S a creative way to re-use drain plug washers. Photo: autobild.de

'Nice lines on that model' applies to more than just cars. Photo: autobild.de

It's OK, the rug isn't really made from a bear's skin. Photo: autobild.de

Now THAT is some clear glass. Photo: autobild.de

I believe we have this year's winner. Photo: autobild.de

Source: 2010 Miss Tuning Finalists Photos Revealed

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