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You Say Revision, I Say Revulsion

Posted in Car Accessories, car modifications, Custom, Hyundai by Kurt Ernst | October 9th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
Galatea Revision

Trust me, a Hyundai Tiburon won't close the deal with her.

All things considered, the Hyundai Tiburon was a pretty forgettable automobile, significant only because it was the first Hyundai that had any degree of style to it. Sure, it was a huge step up from the S’coupe, but that’s damning by faint praise. To be kind to the Tiburon, it was a pleasantly styled, reasonably priced sporty coupe, perfect for trading in on a new Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Galatea Revision

Enter Galatea Automobiles, who’ve created a bodywork kit for the GK series Hyundai Tiburons. Called the Revision, the kit includes new headlights, a new hood, new front and rear fascias, new fenders and an installation guide. Looking at the amount of sheetmetal that needs to be revised, I’d hardly call the kit a backyard project, unless you don’t really care what the final product looks like. Or unless you’re an unemployed body and fender guy with seriously mad skillz and access to a paint booth. The base kit sells for $5,180, but Carscoop estimates that a proper build will run you around $16,000.

Galatea Revision

Galatea’s goal was to design and build a car that was “exclusive and beautiful, without the associated expense of owing an exotic car”. Unfortunately, that would be without the associated performance, handling or prestige of owing an exotic car as well. Given that the cleanest late model used Tiburon in the US is only worth around $16k, the economics don’t add up. You’d have to really love the lines of the Revision and really love the performance and handling of a Tiburon, because there’s zero chance you’d ever recover the money spent on a build.

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