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You Paid HOW MUCH For A Paint-Bombed Audi A1?

Posted in Audi, Car Buying, Collector Cars, Design, General, New Cars, Newsworthy by Kurt Ernst | June 28th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Photo: Audi

I’m all for raising money for charity, especially charities that do good work like Sir Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. I appreciate fine art as much as the next barbarian with a wrench in his pocket, and I understand that this car was painted by pop artist Damian Hirst. I should look at it more as fine art than transportation, because it will most likely sit on display in a museum somewhere. I know that the owner is buying one of the first A1s, which have so far been released only in Germany. Still, I can’t get my mind around the fact that someone paid over $525,000 for a paint-bombed pink commuter car.

Maybe I’d have an easier time with it if it were a car I’d actually want to drive, like an Audi R8. The A1 will have less power than a Mini Cooper S, so even if the handling is on par, it won’t be as entertaining to drive. The car isn’t ugly, but as art goes, I wouldn’t exactly be clearing a space in my living room for it. And let’s talk about the art for a second; spin painting stops being art after your trip to the state fair at age seven. If this constitutes fine art, I’m going out and buying a paintball gun today, because I should be able to make a mint on the weekends. Not to be critical, but the car looks like the unholy alliance of Thai food, too many umbrella drinks and too much Pepto Bismol.

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2 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    On the note of not price and not for sale, I actually ran across several of these already here (I’m currently visitng Germany, I’m on my last week of 2 months) and they’re a lot smaller than expected, but the price I saw on the stand was in the balpark of 20 grand (euros) for a base model going to over 40 grand in extras and motors and such.

    Then again, here you can also grab yourself an A6 with a V10..

  2. Kurt says:

    Aaron, thanks for the update!

    Audi’s intention was to target the A1 against the Mini, but make the A1 a bit more “upscale”. Priced around €20,000, that makes sense. Priced around €40,000, that makes no sense.