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You can now speak to the car in front

Posted in Car Tech, General by davidallen | March 14th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

As if there are not enough distractions when driving, a company called Same Lane have developed a system that will enable people to talk to each other while out driving, nothing new in that! No there isn’t but imagine being able to pick up the phone and call up anyone that you want to, maybe the is a nice looking blonde in the Porsche in front, or perhaps there is an elderly chap driving at 20 mph, you could in theory call him up and tell him to get a move on or pull over. This may seem to be extreme or even a bit over the top, maybe it is but as the social disease known as road rage is on the increase this may be just another tool to the road ragers armoury.


Same Lane, has developed this software for what they call “Casual Socialising” which is the same sort of thing as talking to a stranger while sitting on a train, bus or plane, which is fine, but begin in a car on your own and getting a phone call from a perfect stranger is slightly different and can be threatening.


What happens is a user signs up for the service, they get a sticker that has the Same Lane phone number on it, this can then be placed some where prominent like the back window, another driver can then call the number, give Same Lane the number plate of the car being driven by the person that you would to speak to and then you get through to the driver of the car in front, it is that simple, no sign up is necessary, you only need to register with Same Lane if you wish to receive calls, not to make them. The company insist that the phone numbers are kept private, because they user pseudo phone numbers for the connection. Calls are free to receive and are charged at $1.99 per minute to make a call to a Same Lane member.

Product Page [Same Lane]

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