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Yike Bike is one intriguing electric vehicle.

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It’s not too often that electric cars, bikes or motorcycles peak my interest, but after seeing this little contraption I have to say that I was properly amazed. The Yike Bike isn’t a bicycle, nor is it a motorcycle, in fact it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The Yike Bike was invented by New Zealander, Grant Ryan in an effort to devise, according to him, the most common transport device in the world. After doing quite a bit of research, Ryan who is an engineer, recognized the need to alleviate the mass amounts of traffic in our cities. In doing so his thought was to create a unique mobility device that could not only get you from point A to point B efficiently, but be completely portable as well. By utilizing a very unique design, liberal amounts of carbon fiber and the latest in lithium phosphate battery technology, the Yike Bike pushes the limits of what we think of as green transport.

YIke BIke

Bicycles are common transport all over the world, but they’re big and difficult to store. By using the bicycles basic principles and then applying new technology and some forward thinking, Grant Ryan has created what could possibly be the next step in fully urban, zero emissions green mobility.

Source: YikeBike.com

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