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Xenatec Releases Images Of Their Maybach 57S Based Coupe

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Xenatec Coupe

German tuning firm Xenatec announced their coupe version of the Maybach 57S last May. The original plan was to have cars delivered to customers beginning in July, but the summer passed without any update from Xenatec. That’s changed, and 4 Wheels News tell us that the tuning firm has now released these images (or renderings, it’s hard to tell) of the finalized Xenatec Coupe to announce the cars imminent production.

Xenatec Coupe

There’s no denying that the firm improved the looks of the über-conservative Maybach 57S sedan, and the car somehow looks more menacing as a long wheelbase coupe. Xenatec reworked nearly all the body panels, and the conversion called for the fabrication of entirely new doors. The B pillar was moved nearly eight inches to the rear, and combined with the new doors facilitates entry and exit for rear seat passengers. The interior looks like a great place to spend time, and it somehow looks more opulent than the Maybach’s insides. Is that a suede headliner I see in the images? What’s with the three semi-exposed fans?

Xenatec Coupe

The Maybach drivetrain and suspension remains unchanged, ensuring that the car can be serviced at any Maybach dealership. The Maybach’s 6.0 liter, twin turbo V12 is good for 604 horsepower and 738 ft-lb of torque, so it’s not like the car needed more power to begin with.

Xenatec Coupe

In the EU, the Xenatech Coupe will sell for €675,000 (about $925,000, based on current exchange rates), but there’s no word on whether or not the car will be available on this side of the pond. If you’ve got the bank for one, Federalization won’t be much of an obstacle for you, and I’m sure a team of lawyers and mechanics can set things to right quickly. Even if I had the money, the Xenatec Coupe wouldn’t be my cup of meat, but it certainly does stand out from the luxury car crowd.

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