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Wrenchmonkees: CLUB BLACK #01

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Honda CB750 Club Black

Sometimes in design the simpler a machine is the better it is. There are times that you need to get ride of all the bells and whistles and go back to core values. Cars and motorcycles have evolved over time into machines that provide us with all sorts of conveniences. Heated seats, cruise control, cup holders and navigation units cloud the interiors and dash boards of vehicles that were original designed by artists and craftsman to provide their pilots with the experience of feeling pure freedom.

Honda CB750 Club Black

Wrenchmonkees is custom shop that is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and they build motorcycles in their purist form. They understand that the bond between man and machine can be a strong one and because of this there is nothing on their motorcycles that hinders this experience.

Honda CB750 Club Black

Take their Honda CB750 based Club Black for example. It’s stripped of everything you don’t need for the simple purpose of providing the rider with pure riding bliss. Covered in matte black paint, with 16″ flat track style aluminum wheels and minimalist seat cover, the Club Black takes us back to the cafe racers of the 1960’s while providing with all the coolness we could ever want in a modern day street bike. Today’s motorcycles are wonderful machines, but nothing can compare to the basic simplicity of a bike like the Club Black.

Source: WrenchMonkees.com

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