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Would You Spend $275k For a Book About Ferrari?

Posted in Bizarre, Ferrari, General by Kurt Ernst | March 31st, 2011 | 4 Responses |

Robin Williams once joked that cocaine was God’s way of telling you you make too much money. I beg to differ, and as evidence offer up the following: Opus Media Group will soon be offering select buyers the chance to purchase a book about Ferrari, for the “you-make-entirely-too-much-money” price of $275,000 per copy. That kind of coin buys you red leather binding, a carbon-fiber case, and the signatures of all living Ferrari world champions. It also gets you a prancing horse logo adorned with 30 diamonds, and entry into a drawing for a replica of the F1 car driven by Michael Schumacher. Let me be blunt here: if the book raised the dead Ferrari world champions from the grave just to get their signatures, and let you go heels-to-Jesus with every woman Michael Schumacher ever boinked, it still wouldn’t be worth the price of admission. Video below.

If you wanted a copy, you’d probably be out of luck anyway, since only one will be sold per country. If you want the equivalent of a paperback version, you’ll still need to pony up $4,100 for a “Classic” edition, which gets you signatures from Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. Only 4,100 Classic editions will be printed, so get your order in quick if you want a copy. As for me, I’ll pass.

Source: NY Times Wheels

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4 Responses

  1. Cliffs Notes anyone?* says:

    -an example of mindless opulence…

  2. I would not even spend 275k on a Ferrari, let alone a book about it. Not that I actually I have the money so my opinion is probably worthless.

  3. Alex says:

    …I wouldn’t spend that much on the damn car.

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