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Would You Rent A ’71 Dodge Challenger 440 Convertible For $599/Day?

Posted in Chrysler, Classic, Collector Cars, Cool Stuff, Dodge, General, muscle cars by MrAngry | October 13th, 2010 | 1 Response |

1971 Dodge Challenger

In the world of automotive fantasies I would have to assume that the skies the limit. Some guys go after the exotic cars, others are into high-end imports, yet others like myself are into muscle cars. Over the past 10 years or so a few high end rental agencies have popped up in cities around the United States. Miami, New York and Los Angeles for example all have rental agencies where you can go and for a price, drive out in anything from a Ferrari, to a Lotus, to a Lamborghini. But what about something like a Dodge? That’s right, I said Dodge. Most of us would think that Chrysler products would be found at common rental establishments like Hertz or Enterprise, but what about if you’re looking for that really special Dodge… you know, the one that happens to be a little on the older side.

1971 Dodge Challenger

Well for those of you out there who plan to visit Beverly Hills, CA you need look no further than Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car because for the bargain price of only $599 per day this Plum Crazy 1971 Dodge Challenger can be yours. That price also includes… are you ready… 50, that’s right I said 50 free miles which is just enough to get you out of the parking lot and around the block a few times. You also get things like free drum brakes, great fuel economy to the tune of 8 mpg and of course a suspension that is made of chewing gum.

1971 Dodge Challenger

As the owner of a few classic cars I can tell you that these beasts tend to be a might unpredictable and because of this you may want to really rethink spending over 5 bills on this. My advice, hit a local car show and talk to some owners about these old rides. Muscle car owners are some of the nicest guys out there, and for the most part they’ll be more than willing to share their experiences and sometimes even their rides with you.

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One Response

  1. BigRuss says:

    id pay that for an hour in Mr Angry’s Charger…