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Would You Drive Across the Country in the Least Reliable Car Ever Made?

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stag 1

Not unless you had a really good cause. And one John Macartney of the UK has one: he’s created the Triumph Trans-AmeriCan Charity Drive 2009, looking to raise money to support education about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The goal: to drive a restored ’73 Stag 10,000 miles through North America in order to generate funds for 3 nonprofits who work with PTSD. It’s an admirable journey for a good cause, in an unlikely car for the job … Stags suffer from a host of problems due to their underdeveloped V8 engine. But Mr. Macartney has some good friends helping him out.

<i>The toasted gearbox.</i>

The toasted gearbox.

In fact, the Triumph was purchased with funds donated by Triumph fans, and restored by volunteers from the Illinois Sports Owners Association. We trust that these talented folks applied any upgrades or fixes they could to make sure Macartney got through his trip OK. In fact, when the gearbox grenaded during a test drive, two experts donated the parts to get it fixed right. He’s on the road right now, having passed through Montgomery, Alabama, over the holiday weekend. We wish John the best of luck in his trip! Check out his site via the link below for more info.

[Source: TTACD via Hemmings Auto Blog]

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