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Would You Buy Used Parts?

Posted in Best of, Car Buying, Car Tech, eBay Motors, Electronics, Engines, General, News, Rants & Raves by MrAngry | March 27th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

Used Auto Parts

I’ve got a buddy of mine who always insists that he does better when he purchases second hand parts. For some reason though, his car never runs properly and thus, he’s never around. Purchasing anything used is a total crap shoot in my opinion as it’s very difficult to find honest sellers. If you’ve ever gone to any type of outdoor swap meet then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re careful and do your due diligence then there are deals a plenty to be had. In order to get these deals though, you’d better know what you’re looking at and be able to tell the good from the bad. I’ve purchased some used parts in my time and more often then not, I just end up reselling them because I simply don’t trust them. I’ve also sold used parts, however when I do I’m VERY careful about putting down an accurate description and setting them at what is considered to be fair-market-value.

Sometimes you do get lucky. For instance, I once bought a blinker stalk with a cruise control attachment for my 1968 Charger for $15.00 that I later sold for $350.00. Occurrences like that rare, but they do happen. In the end if I can find what I consider to be good stuff I’ll take the plunge, otherwise, I’ll just save, save and save some more until I get the scratch to get what I want. How about you – any problems going down the used road?

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4 Responses

  1. Peterman says:

    I have generally had good luck with salvage parts, but I usually buy new when safety or reliability are at stake. Unfortunately, I’ve had no success at selling used parts… they seem to lose their value when they enter my garage :(

  2. JIm says:

    I usually buy high quality new parts for my vehicle. If it’s something I’m flipping, I just buy used most of the time. I’ve had pretty good luck with them. But the same caveat applies to this as everything else. Know what you are buying.

  3. Hameed Akhtar says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I need one ECU for Mitsuibishi Lancer EX 2008. Pls help me for this .



  4. hutch says:

    Depends on the part, and your use. I’m restoring my High School ’79, CJ7. I swapped the 150 hp 304 for a used 360, and rebuilt it. Pulled 415 hp on a flywheel dyno. The body was shot, so I got a NEW glass Tub and 1 pc tilt nose, rather than cobble new pieces together. Many NEW parts from offshore are junk (fuel gauges, seats,radiators, hubs etc), and thus I’m forced to refurb old parts. No biggie re-coring a Rad. The wifes Sequoia gets new parts. The kids are in it, and I don’t expect her to change am alternator, roadside! I do however enjoy roaming junkyards ocassionally w/my boys and appreciate a nice score I’ll never use, but can trade or sell for a profit.