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World’s Largest Skateboard is Pure AWESOME!

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One Big Ass Skate Board

I don’t think there is one adult amongst us that ever really wants to grow up. I mean really, what’s the point? We start off as kids with no money or freedom and then, if we’re lucky, we grow to adulthood and take on mass responsibilities that totally mess-up what we always tried to accomplish as kids. That being, to have fun. Now granted you can have fun as an adult, but it’s hard to recreate the same levels of excitement that one had experienced as a small child. There are however a few exceptions out there. This is Joe Ciaglia and to relive his childhood he’s created the largest functional skateboard in the world. It’s not easy to operate, nor is it overly safe, but rest assured that when he sets foot on it, he’s transported back in time to when he was an 11-year old boy.

Good times…

Source: Youtube.com

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