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Wo bu yao! Chinese Agency to Reject Hummer Deal

Posted in auto industry, Detroit, Emissions, Environment, GM, Hummer, Newsworthy by Alex Kierstein | June 26th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Most of us still can’t get the images of the smog-filled air of Beijing (or that smug face of Phelps) out of our heads after the Summer Olympics, so maybe it’s no surprise that the Chinese government is wary of the proposed deal for Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Corporation to buy HUMMER from GM. Feeling that the acquisition is going to send the wrong message, Beijing is poised to nix the deal.


Good intentions, but honestly, China’s biggest problem isn’t going to be 100,000 new, (relatively) clean-burning H2s running around when you have a coal-fired powerplant coming online ever week. Their industrial pollution is an astronomical problem, and while auto sales are exploding in a general sense, we fail to see how blocking the sale of HUMMER is anything more than an empty political move. Buy hey, maybe Koenigsegg wants another GM brand …

[Source: detnews.com]

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