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With Production at full capacity Rolls Royce is struggling to meet increased demand

Posted in Luxury Cars, Rolls Royce by will bee | October 9th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Rolls Royce Phantom

Some car manufacturers like Ford, Chrysler and Hyundai are stepping back production in their plants as some cars suffer decreased demand (as we discussed here yesterday). However, for the luxury brands 2007 has seen a spike in demand across the board. Porsche has had such a successful year that they have already issued a $7500 bonus check to its employees. Well it seems the workers for Rolls Royce may be hoping for the same as their company experiences what may be record demand.

The demand for the new Rolls Royce Phantom is so high that they have already pre-sold their production quota of the Droptop Coupe through 2008. The Phantom Sedan has pre-sold clear to the second quarter of 2008. According to the new quarterly figures Rolls Royce is 22% ahead of the sales for 2006. As a result of demand such as that the Greenwood plant for Rolls Royce is running at or above full capacity. Work shifts have been lengthened. New shifts have been added. It is forcing the leaders of Rolls Royce to consider production changes and some plant expansion…  what a horrible pickle to be in.

The base price for a new Rolls Royce runs at about $300,000. For those who are feeling playful and desire the available add-on’s your Rolls Royce can reach up to as much as $500,000. Considering the price of the car and the expectation of selling over 1,000 cars this year Rolls Royce and expanding to meet the pre-sale demand of 2008 Rolls Royce looks to be sitting pretty well. …do I smell a bonus that they will probably not advertise?

Look for more model diversification and further details to come from future concepts, such as the new coupe the 101EX unveiled at Geneva last year, to come from Rolls Royce.


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