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Wireless Charging Coming to Nissan EVs

Posted in Car Tech, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, General, Nissan, Plug-In Vehicles, Science by Nathan Redden | July 21st, 2009 | Leave a Reply |
Nissan Mixim Concept

Nissan Mixim Concept

Look Ma, no cords! Though there is a preponderance of electric vehicles in the works and few on the road, Nissan is already hard at work on improving them. Using inductive charging methods recently perfected on smaller devices like cell phones, Nissan’s upcoming Zero Emission Vehicle will be able to charge wirelessly inside a special parking bay. Even better is their plan to help charge your car on the way to work.

Nissan forsees the same technology may be used one day to recharge cars as they cruise the roadways. Installing inductive charging plates within the surface of specific “recharging lanes” could allow motorists to fill up during their commute. My limited knowledge of electromagnetism tells me this shouldn’t bee too hard with a car moving very quickly over a series of magnetic plates. Stationary charging is actually more difficult.

[autocar via 4wheelsnews]

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