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Winter Tires: Studs or Studless?

Posted in Mazda, Safety, Tires, Writer's Rides by Dustin Driver | November 4th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

My family and I recently left the snowless San Francisco Bay Area for the high desert of Central Oregon. We now reside in a winter wonderland where snow swirls down out of the sky and temperatures regularly drop below freezing. That means snow tires. In Oregon, we can legally run ice-shredding studded tires. But I picked up a set of studless Bridgestone Blizzaks. Why studless? They’re quiet, they don’t tear up the roads, and from what I discovered from my extensive research as a professional journalist, they grip almost as well as the studded beasts. I also have a front-wheel-drive car (Mazda Protege 5) that does well in inclement weather even when shod in summer rubber. What do you think? Studded or studless?

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2 Responses

  1. Shahroz says:

    my RWD 300 is fitted with blizzaks for winter and they’re beyond amazing on snow !!!
    not once did i ever wish i had a FWD or AWD car in Toronto’s winter

    Great tires!

  2. cjcct says:

    in my opinion,i surport to Studded Winter Tires on cars.
    your info is very useful,thanks!