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Winter Is No Excuse To Stop Riding

Posted in Cool Stuff, Death Wish, Motorcycle by Kurt Ernst | December 23rd, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

As YouTube user Jiraya09 demonstrates, winter is no excuse to put the bike in hibernation until spring. In fact, it seems like a very good excuse to hunt down a supermotard bike like his KTM 690 SMC, which can clearly be used as year-round transportation if you mount the right tires and check your sanity at the door. For the record, Jlraya09 was riding on sport rubber, not knobbies, and that definitely requires a healthy blend of skill and madness.

Need further justification to hunt down a supermotard bike on Craigslist? Here he taking a quick run up France’s Col de Steige on the Katoom, in nicer weather, on worn tires. Damn I miss twisty roads…

Source: Two Wheels Blog

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