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Win a 2007 Lincoln MKX crossover

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How would you like to own a brand new pearl white, 2007 Lincoln MKX crossover? The answer would be a most definite yes from most people and why not!

red cross

The only problem is that you would need to be in Minnesota and entry will cost you a pint of blood! Because this is a promotion (If you can call it that) being organized by the Red Cross. Last week the supplies of blood began to run down significantly and in fact the type “O” blood group had almost entirely gone, with no foreseeable way of replenishing their stocks, the Red Cross have decided to resort to shall we say, some unorthodox ways of persuading people to donate a little bit of the red stuff.

It is good way of getting people to walk in the door, in fact the campaign has been running for three weeks now and over 13,000 have visited the Red Cross centers in the hope of being able to drive around in a new car on September 8th when the campaign will give away the prizes.

If the prospect of winning the brand new car was not enough, in the American Red Cross of Southeastern Michigan, also have fuels cards of varying values from $25 right up to $200.

This is for sure a great way of bringing in the people and educating them on the importance of donating blood, however will the donors become regular donors? It has to be doubtful, so organizing a great campaign like this has short term benefits, but this is not a long term solution unless the Red Cross is prepared to giveaway a major prize every one or two months.

This current campaign will end on September 5th.

Source [The Conservative Voice]

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