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Willing to try the DIY $50 paint job on your car?

Posted in Car Tech, Cars by will bee | August 12th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

 Rustoleum Porsche

Looking to convert your rust bucket with a gleaming coat of paint and you do not have thousands to go with a professional paint job? Apparently there is a thread on the Mopart forums that gives tips on how to get a professional shine for $50 and some hours of hard work.

One curious car owner decided to take the challenge of doing it himself on his rusty Corvair and another performed the same work on his classic Porsche (pictured above). So what is it about the $50 DIY paintjob and how does it work?

The $50 in supplies required to perform the in-home paint job starts with 2-quarts of Rustoleum. Yep, Rustoleum. The other necessary equipment are some foam roller pads, some sponge brushes for edging detail, sanding materials and plenty of time and elbow grease (would “elbow grease” be the Mastercard priceless part or a completed paint job? you decide).

The sample Corvair with the detailed description required 6 coats of paint with 4-5 hours of drying per coat. Some others who have tested the paint scheme required anywhere from 7 to 10 coats in order to get complete coverage on their cars. But the secret to the paint in the Corvair example that differs from the Forum thread is that the paint was mixed with Mineral spirits rather than the acetone prescribed. The 50/50 Mineral Spirits gave the paint a thin, milky like consistency that allowed the paint to smooth on its own.

Take the jump over to see for yourself from before to finish just how the Corvair made its transformation. The best idea if you wish to test the in-home paint job yourself would be to follow the Corvairs lead and practice your painting skills on a small part of your car. And if you do plan to tackle the work be sure you eat well because you are going to need all the energy you can muster.


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