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2014 C7 Corvette Gets A 7-Speed Manual?

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2014 C7 Corvette 7-Speed

Seven gears huh? That’s a lot of shifting in my opinion, however that’s what we’re likely to see in the upcoming 2014 C7 Corvette. Now granted, the addition of a seventh gear would likely elevate the Corvette’s already amazing fuel economy (26 mpg), but from an enthusiast standpoint, I think it’s simply too much. How about this GM; instead of a 7-speed, give the enthusiasts a choice of a close ratio 5-speed manual or a dual-clutch flappy-paddle 6-speed. Then give the 7-speed automatic to the “look-at-me” crowd. Once that’s done combine the owners choice with a beefed-up LS7 that makes about 500 hp for the base Vette’ and PRESTO! You’ve just built the perfect sports car. Right now the idea of a 7-speed manual is still just a rumor, but according to InsideLine it comes from a very trust worthy source.

Source: InsideLine.com

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    3 on the tree or 4 on the floor is where its at <.<