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Will Saab Become the Green Brand?

Posted in Alt Fuels, auto industry, Biofuel, Environment, Saab by Nathan Redden | June 18th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Baard Eker, designer and 49 percent owner of Koenigsegg, spoke briefly about the future of the brand Born From Jets. “Saab has to refine their quality level, their soul and spirit and we believe that this is something we can help with. The most interesting thing is that GM thinks the same.” You think, GM? I guess the existing 10-year product life cycles just weren’t cutting the mustard. But what does the future hold?

Eker added, “There is not as much capital around these days, but there are also not as many interesting projects, and we have been told that this is a very interesting project to be a part of financially.” I agree wholeheartedly. With GM finally getting off its ass and throwing some new product in the direction of Saab, prospective investors are looking at a brand that will be 50% revamped for the 2010 model year. Both the new 9-5 and 9-4x are expected to make a big splash. As for further down the road, more than a few hardcore Saabies would like to see Saab as the “green” brand of choice.

Saab has a history of technical advancements in the way of fuel savings. The 99 Turbo is considered to have brought turbocharging to the masses, and the Biopower 9-5 has a rather high-profile following. According to Eker, “Obviously we have some ideas but it’s too early to talk about them, but environmental thinking is a very important thing in our view.”

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