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Will Ford sell Volvo?

Posted in Ford, Volvo by davidallen | May 29th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Now this story has been in and out for sometime, but selling a company like Volvo is not something that can be done overnight, after all in order to sell something there is a need for someone who wants to buy it, an really there are not many other auto manufacturers who have the ability or the will to take on a car giant like Volvo, that is until now.



BMW are rumored to be interested in having a look at the Swedish auto maker, they have a need what with the goings on over at VW, BMW will need to secure their own standing otherwise they could actually become a target from one of their competitors.



For Ford it appears that they are in the process of continuing the garage sale by offloading some or maybe all of the acquisitions such as Jaguar and Land Rover, we have already seen the high end brand Aston Martin leave the Ford stable when it was purchased by UK company Pro Drive.




These are trying times for Ford, who lost $12.7 billion last year, as they need to consolidate their situation and concentrate on the Ford brand and particularly in its home market, the US where they are expected to return to profitability by the year 2009, by selling these other brands would this help achieve this goal? Well Volvo are doing very well in Russia and China, which as an emerging market could only get better, which still leaves two questions. Do they sell now, because they are doing well? Do hold on and see what happens in those markets?

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