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Will Chrysler Launch An SRT Tuned Compact Car?

Posted in auto industry, Chrysler, Design, Dodge by Kurt Ernst | July 20th, 2011 | 6 Responses |

The much maligned Caliber SRT4 was the last compact SRT offering. Image: Chrysler Group LLC

Based on on interview with SRT head Ralph Gilles in Ward’s Auto, the internet is abuzz with rumors of an SRT-tuned C-segment product. While such an animal may be in development, there’s no indication that it will be market ready any time soon. Gilles reflected on cars like the VW GTI, which represent entry-level performance at an affordable price. Of Dodge’s former Neon-based SRT4 turbo, Gilles said, “The Neon put the whole street tuning scene on its ear with the factory turbo. We have to figure out how to get an entry-level SRT product to capture the next generation.”

Wishing and launching are two separate things, and an SRT offering in the segment isn’t likely until well after the launch of the mass-market version. It’s no secret that Chrysler is working on a compact sedan based off of the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulieta, but the car won’t launch until sometime in 2012 at the earliest. That makes an SRT-tuned version unlikely before 2013, possibly as a 2014 model.

If Gilles recalls the SRT4 with fondness, he remembers the Caliber SRT with some disdain. “I would say the Caliber was not our best work,” Gilles was quoted as saying. “We have to make sure the foundation product is already the ultimate it can be before we touch it.”

Source: Wards Auto

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6 Responses

  1. James says:

    that actually looks good

  2. BigRuss says:

    i miss the SRT4’s…. they were lil pocket rockets… that you could get in cheap and have a reasonable family car

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      The SRT4s taught a lot of buyers to shop for insurance before buying a new car. They were cheap to buy, but insurance companies hated them (at least in NJ).

      • BigRuss says:

        the Neon was a bitch to insure no matter what model it was…. just because you could buy one of them and get a free double cheese burger and a Coke…. the Caliber SRT was cheaper to get insured but hard as hell to get…

  3. J D Stadler says:

    Wish they would just bring us the Giulieta, period, dot, end of sentence

    • BigRuss says:

      wrong company….

      now the Punto 3-door and 5-door would be a welcomed vehicle…. why? because it would combat the Mini, Golf, the new Sonic, and the Fit…… toss a 2.0L with a turbo in there either mode be a solid win…