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Will 2012 Hyundai Azeras Come With This Test Drive Option?

Posted in Car Buying, Hyundai, New Cars by Kurt Ernst | December 25th, 2010 | 1 Response |

If I understand the global Hyundai product line, the U.S. market Azera sells as the Grandeur HG in the rest of the world. The sedan slots in above the Sonata, but below the Genesis, and represents Hyundai’s interpretation of affordable luxury. The Azera proved that Hyundai could sell upscale cars, and its success was part of the reason Hyundai brought in the Genesis and Equus sedans.

The 2011 Azera is a nice enough car, but its styling is best described as “conservative”. Likewise, the car doesn’t feature any cutting edge technology, but that will change for the 2012 model year. First, the car gets restyled both inside and out, and now benefits from Hyundai’s “fluidic sculpture” design. Next, it gets loaded up with the latest in automotive technology, including a supervision high res display and smart cruise control that will apply the brakes for an inattentive driver. Or a driver distracted by the short skirt of the saleswoman.

The car is nice, but I’m really hoping for the “smoking hot brunette in a short skirt” test drive option, as that would certainly pull male buyers into Hyundai showrooms. I’m not sure the Azera is the right car for me, but I’d be willing to test drive it a few dozen times to find out.

Source: Autoevolution

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One Response

  1. Aventador says:

    Wow, she’s is super cute. I never even looked at the Azera before, now I’m intrigued. I’m going for a test drive soon ;-)