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Pandora’s Box: Patrick Motorsports Porsche 914

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Patrick Motorsports 914

The Porsche 914 is generally considered to be the red headed step child amongst enthusiasts. In fact it was initially developed as a replacement for the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe. Through the years the little 914 has been fighting an uphill battle as it’s always trying to prove itself against just about every other offering from Porsche. From a design standpoint there is really nothing not to like. It’s a short wheelbase, mid-engine, lightweight coupe that has fully independent suspension and handles like a rock star in stock form. That means that with a little tweaking here and there that most stock Porsche 914’s can be turned into great little track animals. Then there is the other school of thought whereby you can just throw caution to the wind and go buck wild, which is exactly what happened with this nut-ball 914 that was built by Patrick Motor Sports of Phoenix, Arizona.

Patrick Motorsports 914

This 914 actually had a nice little life as an unassuming sports car, that was until it was transformed into the beast you see here. This is not just some hack job engine replacement, but a fully customized, tube chassis animal that is powered by a blown 427 cu in small block Chevy that puts its power down through an inverted G-50/52 turbo 5 speed gearbox.

Patrick Motorsports 914

Everything on this car was redone to handle the power of the small block Chevy. The chassis was custom fabricated with an integrated fuel cell and SafeCraft fire suppression system, the suspension has been redone and reinforced with Eibach springs and fully adjustable Bilstein sport shocks with the outer body shell being entirely crafted by hand.

Patrick Motorsports 914

When finished the 914 weighed in at an ultra light 2,383 lbs, which means that the power to weight ratio on this thing must be INSANE. Now I don’t know about you, but as far as Porsche’s go, I bet this thing would go toe-to-toe with just about anything that’s out there on the road today.

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