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Why yes Officer… I am hung like a fruit bat.

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There are times in life when you just need to ask yourself the question: Why? All to often in the automotive world customizers and tuning companies try and strut their stuff to see if they can improve on what the manufactures put out. Some succeed and others fail miserably. Choosing the car to put under the knife is an even bigger challenge as some car companies produce automobiles that are so good that they really don’t need any improvements.

Take the Rolls-Royce Ghost, baby brother to the Phantom and all around stunner. This is a car that needs nothing except a nice tush to fill the drivers seat. The car is truly beautiful from every angle and has an air of opulence around it that makes the world around it stop and take notice.

HOWEVER – and this is huge, why would you take such a beautiful car and completely ruin it by transforming it into one of the most gaudy and ostentatious things to ever roll on four wheels. Swiss tuner Mansory has done just this with their version of the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Ok fine, they’ve given it more power, but that may just be to help the new owners get as far away from civilization as possible. I mean blue and gold? Really? Mansory calls it “self-assured coloring”. My opinion – if you’re driving this mess around you must REALLY be compensating for something.

In the end you may just want to tell Mr. Winky that you had no choice and that your new purchase really isn’t a reflection on him.

Source: Autoblog.com

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