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Why is NASCAR losing horsepower?

Posted in General, NASCAR, Newsworthy, Racing by MrAngry | April 27th, 2010 | 7 Responses |

Nascar Fans

I attended my first NASCAR race last year when I hit up the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Up until this point I had only watched NASCAR on TV and with all honesty, I really didn’t know what to expect. Sure I had seen the thousands of fans and RVs that lined the infield, but again, this was from the comfort of my couch. So now I was there at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a place that is considered to be holy ground by the NASCAR faithful. I was expecting to see a complete madhouse, complete with packed stands, lines of people and motor homes galore, what I got was something completely different.

Nascar Infield

At first we we’re worried because we didn’t have any tickets, but once we arrived there were scalpers everywhere trying to pawn off entry for the lowest price. I think online ticket prices were somewhere around $70 per seat but we only paid $40 for two… not bad right, and this was well before the green flag dropped. Once inside we noticed that out of the 257,325 available seats, only about half were full – and this was at the Brickyard 400… not some little circle track event.

Nascar Line

According to an article in last weeks Time Magazine viewership of Sprint Cup races has fallen a massive 25% since 2005. Corporate sponsorship has fallen off dramatically and with high prices and a bad economy, fans just can’t afford to get to the races. Another reason that viewership has gone down is perhaps due to all the politics that have consumed the events. Gone are the aggressive drivers and inner-pit feuding that most fans have come to know and love. This is what makes racing exciting as no one wants to see politically correct drivers who can’t voice their opinions or go balls out for the win.

Nascar Crash

One has to remember that NASCAR is as blue collar as it gets. It’s a sport that was built on the backs of old moon shiners and has it’s roots directly tied in with a complete sense of lawlessness.

Clint Bowyer, a four-year Sprint Cup veteran, states:

“I’ve got Cheerios for a sponsor. I have children at home who are buying our products in the stores and watching us race so I can’t go out and act like an idiot on the racetrack.”

Nascar Vintage

Another aspect that has attributed to the downfall of the sport is the lack of variety in the cars. Every car that races today looks exactly the same albeit some different decals and to be honest, it’s hard to root for a decal. Just think back to the heyday of NASCAR, to the Ford’s, Chevy’s and Wing Warriors from Dodge and Plymouth. This was NASCAR and this was racing. Today’s NASCAR is a corporate conglomerate that has lost it’s passion and it’s way, and the fans are letting them know. It’s a tough game out there and for NASCAR the time has come for them to try and figure out how to get more octane into those engines.

Read more: TimeMagazine.com

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7 Responses

  1. Ladon says:

    I loved watching NASCAR as a kid, But now that im grown i dont know if its the sport thats changed or me but i just find it boring now.

    I really wish they would go back to the roots of STOCK CAR racing. These cars are as far from stock as can be. I want to see a car race that is fresh off the assembly line with improvement for safety only. They can take off anything they want to reduce weight but they cant add anything at all. The cars are supposed to be STOCK! The only limitation i can think of is the car has to be a mass market car priced under say, $60k. Higher then that and you get into super car or the exotics.

  2. 68SportFury says:

    I started watching NASCAR in 2001, when Dodge came back. I’m a Mopar guy, that’s what drew me in. I rooted for Sterling Marlin and Ward Burton and, for a while there, Bill Elliott. Then there was Ryan Newman, with eight wins in 2003, and Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch replacing Rusty Wallace in the Penske #2.
    And then it got to the point where most weeks the only question was whether Jimmie Johnson or Kyle Busch was going to win.
    And then the Ganassi teams went to Chevy and merged with DEI. And Petty merged with Evernham and switched to Ford. And now the only three full-time Dodge teams are the three Penske cars. And it still seems like every week it’s going to be either Jimmie Johnson or some other Chevy that wins. Gee, you think maybe Johnson will take the Cup again this year?
    (Yeah, Petty took it seven times, but not all in a row!)
    I’m bored, pure and simple. After taping the Daytona 500 every year for eight years, I didn’t bother this year. Three years ago, I watched all or part of at least 30 races. In ’09, I think I watched the ends of four, maybe five races. The thrill has gone away for me, for the most part.

  3. LJS says:

    Why? Because it’s fucking boring.

  4. Kurt says:

    I’m with Ladon on this – bring back the “stock car” part of NASCAR, and you will increase the audience. Watching a spec series where the only difference between the cars is the outside graphics and the logo on the motor is boring, which is why viewers are abandoning IRL as well.

    It’s not enough to cheer for a driver – fans need the ability to cheer for a manufacturer as well.

  5. Reen says:

    Funny…. These coments seem to hit the nail right on the head. I,v been watching nascar since the 60’s, These cars dont even resemble a stock car, The engines are as custom as the cars, theres rules on top of rules, and heaven forbid if one of the drivers sware, A rear drive Camry with a V8. Ya right, Next it will be Honda, Do they offer a V8 in a street car, Oh…. hang on….either dose Toyota. Take a look at these drivers. What makes them so special, If my dad was a driver and got me into this when I was a kid, hell I,d be a pro to. The Bush brothers make me sick, All These drivers are worth millions, Used to be anybody could get a car and if you couldnt keep up you didnt race. Back in the day if a manufacturer was cleaning house, It was because it had its shit together and the other guys didnt. Even AMC cleaned house for a while.I find it like watching an IROC race, No one has an advantage. I to would love to see guys running stock cars again, The best that a manufacturer has to offer. Under 60k, You can modify what the car has, V8, V6, rear drive , Front drive I dont care, Get rid of these sponsers, Its to hard on there image if some one says some thing out of place.

  6. Paul says:

    Enjoyed nascar as a kid when the cars were different and i rooted for the manufacturer and was excited to see new models of the cars and dream tha ti might buy a similar car in a showroom.

    today’s identical cars with different logos i have no interest in. i won’t watch it. Whuy can’t their market department launch a Nascar ‘Classic’ and bring back cars that are different. I might also be tempted to have them design a new track pattern with challenges that would highlight the drivers’ skills.

  7. robert lee says:

    i have been a nascar fan for 25 years. been to 3 or 4 races a year but . its time to fine something .moor. nascar realy sucks now . look at jimmy johnson. who wonts to see him win every week end . and that fine thay put on bower. i think nascar sucks