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Why are we brand loyal?

Posted in Car Branding, Car Buying, Car Logos by MrAngry | November 27th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Brand Loyalty

Ever wonder why brand loyalty exists? I do, and it’s a question that I’ve tried to figure out time and time again. Some people for instance are Ford guys, others love Subaru’s and yet others swear by BMW’s or Mercedes. It’s a concept that is nothing new and one, that in my opinion, has to do more with automotive ignorance than anything else. As an automotive journalist I am very fortunate as I’ve had the opportunity to experience just about every automotive brand out there. I’ve piloted domestics, imports and European rides and have come away with the conclusion that they all have their pro’s and con’s. Are some better than others? Well yes and no, as for the most part it depends on your price point and experience.

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalists are generally that way because of one of the following three reasons. First off it’s the only brand they’ve ever owned, secondly they’ve had a great experience with a certain model, or third it’s because that’s what their families have owned for years and they’re just following tradition. For example, I own three different Dodge’s and quite honestly it has nothing to do with brand loyalty. What it has to do with is that the models of the cars that I own happen to fit my lifestyle and for whatever the reason, I’ve been able to connect with them on some level. However, if I found a car that was made by another manufacturer I’d have no problem trying it out.

Brand Loyalty

The key to being a true car enthusiast is being able to relate too and appreciate ALL cars, not just ones from a certain brand. You see every manufacturer brings something special to the table, but if you’re an individual who is loyal to only one brand then you’ll never be able to find out what that special thing is. The life of a true petrol-head is all about experience, so do me a favor and don’t sell yourself short by condemning other brands just because they’re not what you own. Branch out, take in an occasional test drive and open up your automotive minds a little. Trust me when I tell you that you’ll be thrilled that you did.

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3 Responses

  1. L says:

    I recently met a guy with a 350z and he made a remark about how Subaru owners and 350z owners don’t get along. And I’ve heard the same about VW owners and Subaru owners.

    This loathing sounds moronic to me. Why hate on other cars and their owners? In my opinion, the world is divided into people who are car enthusiasts and people who see cars as appliances. If you’re an enthusiast, I have nothing but respect. I’m not going to put down your car and hate you personally just because you have different taste. Hating someone or a certain make just sounds very petty.

  2. L says:

    To get back on topic… ;)

    I’m with you. I’m an equal opportunity fun car driver. Price, performance and reliability are my key criteria. If it fits the bill, then I’ll give it a shot.

  3. Jim says:

    Here’s my 2 cents. I used to drive nothing but Ford, my parents and friends drove them. So naturally I decided to start driving them. Had a Mustang, F150, MX-6 (pretty much a Ford product at the time). Anyways, I was ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS fixing them. While at the same time, I would watch a couple of my other buddy’s (who were car enthusiasts and overall fairly smart) drive their Civic’s and just abuse the fuck out of them and never hear them complain of fixing there cars. I hung out with them a lot so it wasn’t like I was just missing them fixing there car while I didn’t talk to them for a while. So it was pretty frustrating to baby my car and have to fix it ALL THE TIME! At the time I was broke, so my number 1 priority was reliability so I can get back to work and continue my paycheck to paycheck life at such a young age. Did research and always come to the same conclusion; domestics suck, Japanese (more specifically Honda and Toyota brands and sub brands) good. So I decided to spring for a Civic myself and low and behold. After my third Civic not much problems at all. So that pretty much cemented my opinion. The have a history of producing quality cars, hence the brand loyalty. I can buy a future product and not know much about it and expect it to be what it always has been (quality). History doesn’t predict the future, but it’s the best tool I have. They have been consistent before, more likely than not they will stay consistent (I understand that it doesn’t guarantee it though). Hence the reason for my brand loyalty. There is reason behind it.