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Who has 5000+ cars in his garage?

Posted in Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Car Photography, Celebrity Cars, Expensive Cars, Ferrari, Jaguar, Kia, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce by Alan Harten | August 9th, 2008 | 82 Responses |

If you were rich enough to drive any car you wanted, absolutely any car, and money is no object, what would you go for? A Lambo, Bugatti, Merc, Aston, how about something outrageous like a Formula 1 car.

But what if you were truly rich, not just “getting by” like that Bill Gates guy, but truly rich. The Sultan of Brunei is the richest man on earth; he is not counted on rich lists because he does not earn his money it comes from his tiny country’s oil reserves which are basically his. Estimates of his wealth pop up from time to time but the truth is no one has any idea how much cash he has.

So which car do you think the richest man in the world drives, well if you said Lambo, you would have been correct, and if you said Aston that would have been right as well, if you guessed F1 Race-car you would have been nearly right, he owns every F1 championship winning car for the last thirty years.

These cars fit very nicely into his garage which is a bit bigger than your garage at home; it has to be to be able to accommodate the estimated 5000 personal vehicles owned by the Sultan. If he picked one car to drive down to the supermarket for a pint of milk each day, it would take him thirteen and a half years to use each one.

He seems to quite like the Rolls Royce range he has over 500 hundred of those, if you tried unsuccessfully to buy a Rolls during the 1990’s that would be because he accounted for over half of their entire sales for that decade.

His collection which may well be far more than 5000 vehicles is estimated to have cost over $4 billion, filling them all up may be a little expensive at $4 a gallon, that is estimated at a minimum of half a million dollars.

Those that voted for the Lambo will be happy to know that he has 20 of those, but he seems to prefer the sleeker appearance of the Ferrari’s as he opted for 367 of those, Jag’s are nice little run-arounds, all 177 of them, as are the 362 Bentleys.

He also likes to not just buy boring, run of the mill BMW’s (185) he also likes something a bit more exotic such as Bentley Dominator 4X4 and the Bentley Java, Ferrari FX (6) the worlds only right hand drive Merc CLX-GTR and the Cizeta Moroder V16T (3)

I personally would not want to be burdened with the stress of having to select a car each day so I will stick with my two door Kia.

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82 Responses

  1. Vito Rispo says:

    jeeez louise

  2. David says:

    I don’t care how much money you have… that is just stupid to have that many cars. It is stupid because a lot of good for this world could have been done with all the millions of dollars he spent on his “collection”. I am not impressed.

    • LALA says:

      Just say that u all want it…if u were him, u will also buy many cars…I think what brought u here is u wanna see all the AWESOME CARS!!!

  3. Jerry McBride says:

    All bought with American BLOOD money!!!!

  4. Nick says:

    Yeah I was thinking about building a 5000 car garage but I decided to build a tree fort instead.

  5. hanna says:

    holy fuckin shit let me get some of that!!

  6. Mathew says:

    The building and the cars in the first picture does not belong to Brunei Sultan but it is Emirates Palace hotel situated in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  7. Poor Man says:

    OMG you drive a KIA
    You LUCKy Bastard
    *sobs uncontrollably*

  8. Helio says:

    Wow, dude! Where did you get all your money?

    I owned the car detailing franchise that did all the Sultan’s cars….

  9. willie says:

    I am GLAD he is spending his money. At least he is putting it back into the hands of others around the world.

  10. fatty mcfat says:

    he is ugly, and won’t use his money for anything but selfishness

  11. fatty mcfat says:

    Mr Sultana of Brunei, don’t be such a scumbag and use the money for good

  12. fez says:

    guys like that disgust me, so much suffering and poverty in the world and here is this selfish “person” wasting the country’s money.

  13. Jenna says:

    I’m with everyone who says he is a scumbag and thinks this is horrible.. I can not believe he would spend his money on all this bullshit and not use it for good things.. Greedy people..

  14. jenny says:

    oh please! dont hate.

  15. awesomo7 says:

    The Sultan is a legend, fuck the starving people they should get jobs so they can buy there own cars!!

  16. bob says:

    Dude let me have a few ferraris and lambos if he gave me a few he wouldnt bother me

  17. bobo says:

    Oh please, all of you that are saying he is a scumbag, but 99% would not give a rats ass about anything else if you had even 1 million dollars

  18. Nick says:

    That’s a pretty amazing collection. it is somewhat pointless though, as he will never be able to drive most of them. Maybe staff cars?

  19. Brian says:

    All of you saying he’s scum for not spending his money on other things: what the hell?
    It’s his money, and if he wants five thousand cars, let him have five thousand freakin cars! Yes, it’s excessive, but dammit, it’s his money!
    Of course, I’d love him forever if he could pay for my tuition for the next three years :p


    It’s not gonna happen.

  20. […] El Sultan of Brunei tiene una colección de +5000 autos con un valor estimado de 4 billones de dolares. WTF! Tags Autos, Sultan de Brunei, WTF « La vida de un geek […]

  21. gMoney says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaang! Personally – I’d park a blacked out porsche carrera GT in my garage. Oh wait…i don’t even HAVE a garage. :)

  22. wow says:

    That is amazing. I would love to see a full list of cars. I am guessing he would have a racetrack or 3 to max out his cars, also.

  23. siew says:

    You people are ignorant! You should get your facts check first before attacking someone or a country which you obviously never had been to. Despite the 5000 cars, the people living in Brunei has free healthcare, education including scholarships to overseas, subsidized housing, high pension wages and no tax.
    Besides Brunei has 340,000 people, obviously the expenditure was affordable than those countries with millions of people and he had clearly taken care of his people well so whatever he does with the rest of the money is his own business.

  24. Jade says:

    Careful what you all say, coz I come from brunei! If you want to know more bout brunei, well, ask me.

  25. marco says:

    I think he should give me a lit bit the money just for live peaceful for the rest of my life.!!

  26. Jeremy C says:

    I agree that he is legendary, and siew is right he has taken care of the people of brunei. He also gives to different charities around the world in the Millions. When was the last time you gave to a charity? I know I would do the same thing as has if I was in his shoes, had as much money as he does.

  27. kev says:

    I bet you he don’t have a 01′ ford taurus with a bad tranny (don’t hate).

  28. NORKALG says:

    LOL….”I bet you he don’t have a 01? ford taurus with a bad tranny (don’t hate).”…THAT MADE MY DAY.

  29. eddy says:

    hey, jus wonderin…..how much wud the sultan pay me for cleanin his garage……al do it for free

  30. cowsinmongolia says:

    I think the sultan deserves each & everyone of those beauties….at the end of the day,it’s his damn money.So,back-off all you envious bunch of people !!! wat a pity, i can just enjoy these babies at motor shows & in the mags.does he have a mechanic for each & everyone of ‘em????
    factoid; he flies the required technician as his country doesn’t have most of the foriegn brands showrooms itself,the car-dudes come & enjoy a 5-star stay while fixing his cars for a few dayz…………wat do u say???dream-on ???

  31. Nic says:

    All your nasty comments remind me of a jelous envy. Just thinking………….

  32. CoHlegend says:

    You guys are all jealous, they’re not ALL HIS, he also lets people in his country use it since the population of Brunei is only 46,000

  33. lulu says:

    What i can say MashaAllah…
    I hope he help poor people
    Many people in this world suffering and no one help them…
    So Sulatan please help poor who are in need,…
    In the judgement day Allah wont ask you how many cars do you have.
    Will ask you what have you done in your world, and you will be asked how you spend each single cent or money….
    Think how you will last in this world?

  34. Lightnup says:

    Lulu, the Sultan can proudly tell Allah that he helped thousands of people in need by providing jobs for assembly workers at the Rolls Royce factory, the Bugatti factory, the Ferrari factory, the Mercedes factory, the Aston Martin factory, the Jaguar factory, the Lamborghini factory, etc., etc. AND all of the factories that supply the parts to those assembly plants. Giving money away isn’t the only measure of helping others. I would guess Allah already knows that.

  35. austin says:

    any1 know where this garage is i mean i know alot of car jackers who would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee to get theier hands on that garage location

  36. silverster says:

    Pls don not accuse the SULTAN OF BRUNEI. You’ll do not know what he has done to his country and his people in brunei. He is the best king ever in Brunei. He think for his people first and his country. He has done alot to his country for all you guys inform. I’m sure no one as a King can do what he has DONE!!!! Without him im sure Brunei will be a diaster and full of poor people. Thats why in brunei you don see a beggar unlike in other country. He makes all him ppl wealthy.!!!

  37. Miguel says:

    How many cars have Brunei´s people?

  38. Fazli says:

    are you all jelous? ahahhaha….Daulat kebawah Duli Tuan Patik…. go Brunei Darussalam kekal kara memerintah negara…

  39. mira says:

    yall shouldnt say bad things bout d sultan.. u dont noe him.. he has helped so many people in brunei.. in fact, people in brunei love n respect him.. btw its his money, he can do anything with it.. the money arent yours rite?

  40. Ian says:

    in the country an adult an average person owe 2-3 cars. not kidding bout it. ever 10-30 cars per family. and its safe and very very very low crime rate.

  41. Jim says:

    Why does the picture show a Hotel in Abu Dhabi?? Those cars belong to the Emirates Palace.

  42. Sallam,
    Sir,you are doing a great job,about the worldwide scholarship awards helping the poor countries especially in Africa.We are hereby thanking you on behalf of all Africans and Nigerian in particular.May Allah reward you more abundantly.

  43. lim ah peh says:

    If you chop your own wood it will only warm your twice but when someone is chopping your woods you are daily warm up,so what`s the great deal of having many cars when your own sisters and brothers Muslim are dying for a loaf of bread all around the world.May the Great Almighty Allah bless him with 1000 Rolls-Royce but nothing can be taken to grave.

  44. zac ooooooooooooooooo says:

    mustang gt-r

  45. the king is here says:

    people dont be jealous because Allah has chosen him to be Rich and one Allah will Question him What did to Million dollars

  46. RX says:


    • sadee says:

      he is help poor people, help who need money, house, food and everything. you guys just don’t know everything about him and the country in brunei.

  47. Jason says:

    This is definately not the richest man in the world, his wealth doesnt come close to ex. Bill Gates. these 5000 cars wont cost more then 5000000000, he is estimated to have about 20000000000, doesnt come close to the richest men in the world which are not oilfarmers.

  48. cgbihfvos says:

    ^ He was beaten by Bill Gates in 1997, I think.

    Well. 5000 cars is a lot but I don’t really disagree with this. He donated millions to charity, adopted some kids from all around the world, free healthcare, free education, no taxes, free housing in Brunei, there’s no homeless people in this country. He’s done what most rich people won’t. He’s done what he could. You don’t expect him to donate all his money to charity?

    He’s a human. He has wants, things he likes and all. He should be allowed to spent his money the way he want to. He has taken the responsibility, he should be allowed to spent it on what he wants without people calling him selfish.

  49. sadee says:

    why you guys hate sultan of Brunei? thats his own money, thats not your money, so he can spend his money whenever he want it. and also he didn’t even waste country’s money. he spend his money maybe he like cars so thats why he have 7000cars collection. you guys just jealous cause he have a lot of cars, thats why you guys hate him and saying that he waste his own country’s money. sorry, i’m just saying it okay? actually i’m bruneian :) peace!

  50. lamborghini says:

    i jus lik the sulan of bruni he has so much money he has spend on cars i thik tat he loves cars very muchhe has almost worlds all car and i think tat he has done nis job he speand money for worlds best cars ……………….

  51. kiko says:

    man he’s rich aye?think you can come over to the south pacific where i am and give me just one car?

  52. ashley carter says:

    omg can have the bagetti veyron please

  53. Yusuf says:

    IT is DESTINED by Almighty for you to have all this wealth.

  54. Unknown says:

    I’m going to be a engineer when I grow up so id work for bill gates

  55. Murad says:

    very very wouder

  56. ejiniran aliu says:


  57. L.S. says:

    It is amazing that he is still alive. He must have a lot of body guards.

  58. gaandu says:

    all dubai people r bulshit simply taking money from usa and doveloping there country simply showing money and car and palace to just show off all dubai basterds.

  59. ahmed says:

    as i visit to dubai it was totaly nonsense country and nonsence people over there simply purchasing car and show of showing that we r the rich all bledifulls.

  60. khaja says:

    puplic ki gaand mar ke pais kama yahi hai dubai ke logo ko naam ko shaan o showkat hai salle dubai ke loudee ke sultan.

  61. Kukuruyuk says:

    He is my uncle…

  62. luvo says:

    i have nothing with on Bill gates, this man deserves to glamour himself or rather over spoil himself cause he has no obligation to assist people. he has done good to peoples lives and has assisted some institutions financially. god bless bill.

  63. Gozie says:


  64. hasnain azhar says:

    sir give me one of ur rolls rise please………….

  65. well allham dulilah very nice car he has

  66. Okechukwu onuorah says:

    Ohh man,this guy(sultan) is a dam rich man,having up to 5000 cars,he’s suppose to be refered to as BILLIONAIRE even,but,wait oo,what could be the source of his wealth.In dact God should continue to bless him.

  67. Paul says:

    Who keeps all the vehicles clean?

  68. Annie says:

    God’s blessing to YB Sultan of Brunie

  69. its good to have what you want with your money americans you dont have to feel ill of him have yours and sale to him i like his style

  70. dave says:

    Firstly,it is not his money he’s squandering,it’s the country’s money from there oil reserves,he’s never earned a penny in his life which is why he his excluded on all the worlds rich lists,this guy is a disgrace wasting billions on tacky palaces while his own people who work very hard but earn little struggle in life at the same time having to worship this scumbag who cares little for them,the man is just vulgar

  71. Aorry says:

    It’s his money, it’s his happiness…. So why not?

  72. imari says:

    hey…can you please send me 2million for my family

  73. Bonnie says:

    Is that real?

  74. Well,im went to brunei,The sultan didnt even use his merc,lambo’s,ferrari and ETC.He only uses a mercedes benz

  75. DavidG says:

    He has many cars which however are basically all the same. They don’t fly, they don’t drive by themselves, they require fossil fuels to work. They have the same basic capabilities of every other car on the market. With all the money he has, he could support the development of new technologies, but instead he spends his money on this junk which will be totally outdated within a few decades. And this car collection, soon to be car museum, isn’t even open to the public, making it even more useless.

  76. James Smith says:

    This is far beyond “wretched excess.” Someday there will be a howling mob crying, “Let’s get this guy!” It won’t be pretty so see the great unwashed driving his Ferrari s.

  77. Anon says:

    Holy mother of shit you people are stupid.