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Wheelman Motorized Skateboard = Instantaneous trip to the ER.

Posted in Bizarre by MrAngry | March 2nd, 2010 | 1 Response |

Wheelman Skateboard

I love all manner of wheeled motion, be it two wheels or four. I love cars, motorcycles, trucks, hell… slap an engine on a bar stool and I’ll wheel the crap out of that too. This nifty little device however has the words – EMERGENCY ROOM – flashing in big red letters above it. I understand the reasons behind building it, I really do. I mean a skateboard can only go so fast, so the next logical step is to pull apart the family lawnmower and strap on the engine, rig-up some type of drive line and poof – instant entertainment.

There is something about this thing though that freaks me out. Maybe it’s the lack of brakes or the fact that if you hit a big enough rut you’re going to do a Superman impression, hit the pavement and bust your snot-box wide open. Not my idea of fun. Again, I’m all for this thing, but there would be no way you would see me cramming my size 15’s into one of these things.

Check it out at wheelmanskateboard.com

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One Response

  1. Kurt says:

    Two things immediately come to mind:

    1) I want one
    2) It’s not fast enough