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What’s Your Strategy To Combat High Fuel Prices?

Posted in General by MrAngry | March 4th, 2011 | 15 Responses |

1969 Dodge Charger Fuel Cap

With fuel prices in New York state constantly rising, I’m beginning to wonder if there is anything I can do to avoid filling up my cars. We’re rapidly approaching $4 per gallon and if this happens a lot of people are going to be hit hard in the wallet. It’s something that we all remember going through not that long ago and I can guarantee that we don’t want to go through it again. For some the rise in fuel cost won’t effect them much, but for the guys who make their living on the road or in the automotive industry, well, let’s just say they’re in for some tough times. The higher fuel prices go, the higher prices we’ll pay to receive our goods and services. It’s a vicious cycle, but one that looks to be inevitable at this point.

Those of us who are automobile enthusiasts will also get hit hard. For example, I’ve got three cars that all run on premium fuel (cry me a river I know…), but if it ever came down to filling them all up at one time that would mean a minimum expenditure of almost $200. Hell, that’s a payment on a new small car (I can hear the electric car people of world already rejoicing). Anyway, I’m thinking that I may go out an purchase another motorcycle as getting around on that thing will cost me next to nothing, or I could simply take public transportation (which I hate by the way). Either way though I’ve got to come up with a plan for this season. How about you guys, what do you do to save money when fuel prices jump?

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15 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    Wheels are wheels and I live within miles of the office. Those days when I don;t have to pick up the kids at school, I ride my custom built bicycle – vintage red frame with all new gold parts including the rims. Single speed – cause I only need one speed: FAST.

  2. Shahroz says:

    After a 50% increase in fuel prices two years ago, I’ve gotten myself a bus pass… still too cold to whip out a bike in Toronto
    My car’s now reserved for the occasional drive to the grocery stores now

  3. Canrith says:

    I’m using the duc on good days, and using the cars for some weekend fun or having to pick up supplies.

  4. Paul says:

    I used to have a VW TDI a few years ago and with a job change coming up that will put me back on the road I might go that route again except with a manual trans this time. My neighbor has a 2000 MB CLK 430 that he dropped an 84 MB 5 cyl Diesel in, runs it on veggie and hasn’t pay for a tank of fuel in over 5 years…. makes you think a bit.

  5. Just took my bike in to get new tires!! Save gas and get some exercise at the same time.

  6. Steve says:

    After my mustang caught fire I bought a miata… Not as much power but at least 2x mpg. I have a Yamaha XT350 dual sport that gets about 65mpg. So I’ve got two fuel savers but nothing powerful :-( I think Id sell some MPGs for HPs!

  7. JimW311 says:

    Me personally, I got a car that gets 53 mpg. I also have a motorcycle that can do 150mph and still get 55 mpg. When I want to have fun. Plus I moved a little closer to work. Only a half mile away. Won’t effect me much. But I planned for it, because I knew it would come back. Sorry, I just don’t have sympathy for people that don’t plan for the future.

  8. JimW311 says:

    But let me add though. I do have sympathy for the truck drivers. Those guys don’t have much of an option. But for idiots that buy gas guzzlers and live 300 miles from work. There is plenty of options for those guys, those are the ones I’m referring to, I just don’t want to hear bitching from those people.

  9. Jackie says:

    Honestly, it doesn’t really affect me. I use premium fuel too and I think it costs me around $45-$50 to get filled up all the way but my commute is only 2.5 miles. On the weekend I drive as much as I want; sometimes I’ll even drive all the way from OC to LA just for fun (it’s like 50 miles).

  10. ptschett says:

    Back in ’08 I practically parked my Dakota, I drove my T-bird when I needed to be using a car and I rode my KLR650 for most of my discretionary hooning mileage. At the time I lived 90 miles from “anywhere” (Fargo, ND and Aberdeen, SD were equidistant) so I mail-ordered a lot of things that ordinarily I would have driven that 180-mile round trip to get.

    This time around I’m driving the Dakota for most of my trips because it’s winter and it’s my winter vehicle. It may only get 13 city/17 highway in my usage, but it’s paid for and still has plenty of life left in it… I’d rather spend $$ at the pump than on a payment. I’ve replaced the T-bird with a Challenger which gets maybe 1 MPG better, so that helps a little, and pretty soon the spring thaw will come and I can park the pickup, use the car more and use the KLR for more of my hooning (but the Challenger is going to get more discretionary miles than the T-bird got!) Also I live in Fargo now, so when I do need to get something the instant-gratification route of buying in a brick-and-mortar store is less expensive than it used to be.

  11. Chris says:

    Take over lybia myself

  12. turbosrt says:

    Put away the winter truck (96 Dakota Sport 4×4, 5 Speed manual) real soon. Start driving the summer car which is an 04 Neon SRT4. Quick as hell, very exciting to drive, gets up to 30 mpg, and has things like a radio and metal around me. Sorry if I offend the bike riders with that last comment but there is way too many ignorant and incapable drivers on the road waiting to splatter some poor guy on a bike. Id love a bike but its just too messed up what ive seen happen to riders from people the likes of elderly, road raging, ignorance, and of course the untalented.

  13. SNAK3 says:

    I have a 07 Kia Optima, I don’t have to drive any except on the weekends when I go home from college. It’s a 70 mile drive, but getting close for 40 mpgs when cruzing makes it not so ridiculous. It isn’t a fast car, but it feels quick when you get into it and it helps increase the fun factor when merging or passing, and having a subwoofer to help the tunes is nice too.

  14. Taylor says:

    I would have to say that I’m just going to sit back and take it like always. Maybe cut back on long, unnecessary drives, but take it nonetheless.

    One of these days, hopefully sooner than later, people will get tired of the gas companies dicking around with the price of gas and send a pure, clear message that they won’t take it anymore.

    I understand that the price of crude goes up and down but based on the fact that gas never quite goes back down to the previous levels when the price of crude drops sends a clear message from the gas companies to the people: We know you see the price of crude. We know that the price went down. But you see we also know human psychology, we know that if we give you a 5 cent price drop on a 25 cent price increase that you will still see it as paying less money and be happy about it (even though you’re still paying 20 cents more than the previous high).

    I know this isn’t a political site but the gas companies just piss me off.

    That’s my rant for the week (or two).

  15. Eugene says:

    i see smart for 2 in my future