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What’s your least favorite modern car?

Posted in Commuter Cars, Compact Cars, EcoLust, Economy Cars, Emissions, Engines, Environment, Featured, Promoted by MrAngry | December 15th, 2010 | 11 Responses |

This past weekend I found myself talking to a few buddies about cars we loved and which cars we could simply do without. Most of the cars built today are actually quite good. Sure they may have some flaws here and there, but for the most part they’re comfortable, well built and drive ok. We conversed about every major manufacturer, but when it came time to single one company out, we almost all unanimously chose the car that you see above – the Smart Car. People, I absolutely hate this little thing. So much so that I would rather see it pushed off a cliff on fire than have it sitting in my driveway. Now I know that there are some of you that are going to chime in and say that the Smart is a great little car, that it’s economical and fits a certain lifestyle, but I am here to tell you that for the most part…. your wrong. Keep in mind also that one of the people in this conversation was a Smart car owner and he hates the flippin’ thing.

When the car came out in the U.S. a few years ago people jumped on the Smart Car bandwagon and laid down money before they had even driven these things. They figured that since they were already for sale over in Europe that they had to be good, but boy how wrong they were. First off they’re grossly underpowered, they have what’s most likely the worst transmission in all of motoring and if they get hit by anything more than a stiff fart they’re likely to blow off the road. Combine that with a terrible ride and sketchy handling characteristics and you’ve got the makings of a ride that should have never been sold on this side of the pond. Now, if you live in a city like Manhattan, never ever plan to go over 45 mph and need a car that fits anyplace, then fine… the Smart may work for you. Otherwise though if you are in the market for a small car I would HIGHLY recommend that you look elsewhere.

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11 Responses

  1. Corey says:

    +1 for the Smart. It’s a hideous deathtrap that isn’t really good at anything besides being a deathtrap.

    My full vote goes to the Sebring convertible. Ugly, heavy, slow, inefficient – and to top it all off, very expensive.

  2. Oh wow, I agree with you! This car is hideous! Every time I see one on the freeway I bust out laughing because it looks comical, it looks like iit’s a joke, like a toy car!

    I’ve actually seen quite a few here in So Cal! It looks hilarious on the big fwy among a bunch of big cars and SUV’s and out of nowhere there is this toy car. The funny thing is that it’s all guys driving this car!

    It’s kind of a turn-on if a guy is driving such a tiny car, it must mean he has a LOT of confidence! A LOT!

  3. BigRuss says:

    not to may you look stupid corey, but the design of the Smart makes it a very safe vehicle… its got 4 airbags, and its egg shape helps divert the impact of the crash…. but i agree the smart is probably up there at the top of my list…

  4. Taylor says:

    I would like to ask a question of comparison between the Smart and the Mini (the original not BMW’s bloated version).

    When talking about the Smart, the nearly unanimous sentement is hatred in varying degrees.

    When talking about the Mini, the nearly unanimous sentement is to throw it a ticker tape parade.

    Both are small by most standards and underpowered. The Smart is perceived as a death trap due to its size and the Mini most likely is a death trap due to its size and the engineering of the time.

    Why then is the Smart beat into submission before it has a chance to prove itself? Would it have fared better if gas prices were still in the stratosphere and still climbing? Or is it really just because it is too much of a change too quick for us to accept?

    I don’t much care for the Smart myself, I just want to play devils advocate.

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  6. Jim says:

    Yeah the Smart is highly disappointing. Gas mileage sucks for something so small and light. The only great point about this is the size for city people. But then if you’re concerned about size then get a motorcycle, super easy to park and WAY better gas mileage (as long as you don’t get a motorcycle with a 2 liter engine). As far as deathtraps, I doubt it. Yes it’s small and you would think. But they are very stiff (which is bad for absorbing shock), but if it hits anything it’s so light it just bounces off like a bouncy ball. It won’t kill you but it would mess you up internally because it doesn’t provide any shock absorption. But I guess it’s good if you live in the city and it rains and snows a lot hence motorcycle would be a big inconvenience.

  7. shahroz says:

    well the Smart concept is pretty good…. a small people mover in the city.
    but there are far more better choices !

    im really curious to see how the fiat 500 will do here

  8. eddie_357 says:

    how could they call it a smart when its so stupid.i think the major sticking point is that it doesnt get good mileage spite its size like jim pointed out. maybe for europe with narrow streets it would be ok, but not here.we drive huge suvs and pick up trucks here in the states,not exactly equal in a crash.it should indeed be called a fail.if you want to go on a fun ride go to disneyland.

  9. Doug Archer says:

    How do I subscribe?

  10. PFULMTL says:

    I kinda know a guy with one and they are very defensive when people talk bad about them.
    And yeah I’d rather ride a fixed up Honda Ruckus scooter than drive that thing.

  11. brad34 says:

    have you seen the smart car on youtube with the engine swap with the suzuki hayabusa….that thang is siiickkkkk!