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What’s Your Greatest Automotive Prank…

Posted in Best of, Car Tech, Cool Stuff, Featured, General, News, Top of the Heap by MrAngry | March 14th, 2011 | 10 Responses |

Automotive Pranks

Have you ever been so frustrated with another individual that you feel the need to cause a bit of havoc in their daily lives? Unfortunately living in Queens, NY this happens all to often and there are days that I’d like to nuke them off the planet. In the past physical violence may have been the way to go, but I’m older and wiser now and thus have moved on to more mature methods of irritating people I don’t like. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a pacifist, but I’m finding that being a bit crafty has its advantages. For instance if you want to irritate someone to no end and you know your target has a rear drive vehicle, simply do the following. Take three standard zip-ties that can be purchased at any hardware store and secure them to the drive shaft of the victims vehicle. Make sure that they are long enough so that the ends of the ties just nick the cars under carriage when the vehicle is in motion. Almost immediately your target will hear FWAP, FWAP, FWAP, FWAP, FWAP, FWAP from underneath the car and think something is wrong. One stop will ensue, then another and another until the sound drives them crazy. Since the zip ties are hidden I can almost guarantee it will take them multiple stops or even a trip to the local service station to discover the cause of the problem. Obviously you must crawl under the vehicle to pull this off, but trust me, the payoff is totally worth it.

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10 Responses

  1. Drake Sabitch* says:

    If I catch anyone under my car messing around…Mr. Thundermaker here is gonna start barking fire!

  2. BigRuss says:

    well in high school i had 2 major pranks…. i had a buddy who was a Junior(my Senior year) who parked in the designated SENIORS PARKING spot so we picked up his 97 Nissan Frontier and CARRIED it to the middle of a giant mud-hole in the back of the parking lot, was funny when he walked out after school…

    same year i had a buddy who had a bone stock 98 Suzuki Samari 2 door rag top(Barbie car blue was hilarious when his dad took the cover off it cause he thought he was getting a Wrangler) well we were out at the beach and he forgot to air down his tires and got the lil toy stuck… sooo we filled it up with sand from our off road tires…. but we pulled it out because we were staying at his Grandparents beach house for spring break…

  3. SNAK3 says:

    Ah lets see here, aside from the stupid window chalk/paint, the first thing I did was cover the windows in sticky notes, and then I got my car covered in lots of lubed condoms as retaliation. We passed around a big magnetic bumper sticker that said “TOTAL DOUCHEBAG.” One of my friends was terrible at parking- he always took up at least 3 spots in his little toyota ford ranger knockoff, so finally one day he parked normal. After he went into school we picked it up and put it in 4 spots, which resulted in him getting a ticket because the school cop was fed up haha. The best prank we ever did though was saran wrapping a total of around 7 cars completely.
    Here’s a pic of the best we did. My buddies truck. If he had something in the bed and if it would have rained it wouldn’t have gotten wet, it was that covered haha. (The red cutlass next to it is my car I have mentioned many times lol)

  4. Dave says:

    I don’t know how well this competes with the saran wrap response, but a couple summers ago, I was working with my best friend at the same landscaping company. One day after work I came out to the parking lot to see my yellow 2000 silverado covered in white marker pen with slogans like: MAN LOVE RULES OK (shoutout to Top Gear, asshole) and little flowers and rainbows. So after I spent 30 minutes scrubbing down the truck before I could drive home .. I decided to get revenge.

    That weekend, I generously swapped vehicles with my friend so he could go pick up a BBQ for his dad. In exchange for the Silverado, I was handed the keys to his 1999 Grand Prix GTP. My girlfriend and I went to the local grocery store and I walked up to the fish counter and asked them for the stinkiest, smelliest fish they had. They gave me a fish that had been cut open but not yet gutted. I took it home and placed it in the freezer overnight.

    The next morning we were due to swap back vehicles at a work meeting. Before I left for the meeting, I crawled under the steering column of the Grand Prix, un-bolted a trim panel and placed the fish inside. Then I re-attached the trim panel and drove to the meeting. I rolled the windows up and walked inside. Keep in mind this is the middle of July.

    The meeting was on a Saturday, and when Monday morning rolled aroud and my buddy showed up at work with about 8 air fresheners hanging from his rearview mirror. He was ranting and raving about his car smelling terrible. I had told a few people at work by this point and we giggled to ourselves.

    After work while we were fixing some equipment, he came storming into the shop. “I found what was stinking up the f*cking car!” he shouted … “My girlfriend leaving her fast food garbage under the f*cking seat! UGH!’
    He proceeded to throw out about 8 McDonalds wrappers into the garbage and left for home. Those of us who were in the shop to witness this were rolling around laughing uncontrollably.

    By the next day, the stench had become TERRIBLE. He came over to my house after work, determined to find the source of the smell. When I could not stop chuckling as he searched through his car, he clued in. He demanded I own up, so I told him to look under his steering column.

    I stood a safe distance away as I watched him reach around under his dashboard. He stood up holding a horribly rotten fish which his fingers had gone right through. He took one look at it and began to vomit all over the street. To this day, the leather interior still smells faintly of fish.

    To quote Charlie Sheen: Winning.


    ^ A momento of the occasion.

  5. Alec says:

    When I was young the guy who lived next door to mum and dad bought a new VW Camper Van. He spent hours telling anyone who would listend that this was the only way to have a holiday as the van was so economical to run. A friend (nameless to protect the guilty) and myself got hacked off with these boasts. So after dark we would syphon off some fuel from the camper’s tank (the guy drove the thing to and from work each day). Then the next day we would put it back. The guy must have taken that cmper back to the VW dealer at least 10 times to complain about the erratic fule consumption. In the rnd he traded the camper in for a Ford version. Did we tell him what we had been doing? Of course not! But he never mentioned the Ford’s fuel consumption

  6. Taylor says:

    I wired an extra horn (think 80’s American land yacht horn)to a buddies reverse lights. Thing that made it funny was that he left for work between 3:30 and 4:00 every morning. So the one and only day that it was in service he had no choice but to blare the horn (pissing off neighbors) until he got out of the driveway.

  7. curlyjoe says:

    The drafting teacher left his van in for the shop class to change the shocks on. We the electronics class took the opportunity to learn ourselves by wiring his horn (which in this case takes a grounded signal) and made a solid copper wire loop and grounded that and stripped the insulation off a wire hooked in to the signal lead with a nut on the end other end of it and dropped that thru the wire loop so that when the van moved enough the signal wire would swing and hit the loop sounding the horn but nothing you could do to make it do it while it was stopped. All of this was neatly tucked under the steering column where you couldn’t see it. Our Electronics teacher caught a lot of slack for that one, but he said it was worth it.

  8. John says:

    Posting a friends car/vehicle/prized possesion on a for sale forum, such as craigslist, with name and phone number for a rediculously low amount.

    For instence, I posted my friend John’s 2005 nissan pathfinder on craigslist for $250 listed as a “3rd vehicle and no longer needed” just seal the deal with your friends phone number and watch the humor unfold!!

  9. Ivan says:

    Two Favorites of mine:

    1) On a VW Beetle, you can disconnect the coil supply (+) wire and rapidly connect it to the flasher unit on the RHS of the eng. compartment.; next you take the flasher output and connect it to the ignition coil. When the victimized driver starts his car, it runs for about a second, then shuts down. But, starts right back up again. For a second. The best part is, 30 seconds you can put it all back, so you can offer a ride to follow the tow truck, and when at the shop, you sneak the change back out, so NTF.

    2) On American 50′ through early 70’s, the auto transmissions had a “modulator” with a vacuum line going to the intake manifold. The modulator is under the car near the trans, with a vac. line on either end of the capsule. Inside, right in between the two-halves of the crimped-together capsulee is a diaphragm. You take two channel-locks, one on each side of the capsule, and twist back and forth — just once will do it. Now the diaphragm is torn, so it draws ATF up the vac. line through the broken modulator capsule, all the way to the intake manifold and it smokes — lots of smoke, but runs almost as well as it did before, sometimes the kickdown still works! But, they generally don’t stand on it anyway, because the smoke tells them they’d better go easy or the motor will scatter. That one is tough to find, because even if you disconnect vac. lines, unless you notice ATF from the line, the smoke does not die down righ away because the entire intake is coated with atomized ATF.

    Don’t look at me, I learned these from having mechanic room mates — we were in our twenties. There are more tricks, but so very very wrong I hesitate to publish them.