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What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted in Bizarre, FAIL by MrAngry | July 10th, 2010 | 6 Responses |

Ford Crown Victoria

As some of you know I live in beautiful Queens, NY. We have great Chinese food, kick-ass pizza, crappy roads and some of the worst taxi’s in the United States. Most are old clapped out police cars while others are literally held together with duct tape and zip ties. Yesterday as I pulled into my local auto parts store I noticed this masterpiece and simply had to take a picture. Under the car was one very dirty cabby who was in the process of swapping out a starter. In the interest of not ruining my day and having to call an ambulance I decided to try and persuade him out from underneath the two ton coffin he was under as I didn’t feel like calling an ambulance. Any ideas on why?

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6 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Aww, c’mon Mr. Angry. What are the odds that someone will come along and bump the Jack on wheels, causing it to move the car and therefore dislodge the sturdy piece of wood that is set at an angle, that is also holding up the rear portion of the car, causing the car to at a minimum, partially fall on the super lucky guy underneath the car?

  2. Nads says:

    I’ve found from my 25 years of working in NYC (and I mean NYC-all 5 boroughs), why bother saying anything to anyone? Anyone smart enough to set up the car like that certainly isn’t going to take advice from you, so why bother?

  3. BigRuss says:

    At least he attempted to prop the car up with something other than his jack… im sure he spent all his cash on that decent jack and not spring for the handy combo pack that they always have for 40 bucks… but i will say that that board would have been more useful under the lower A arm

  4. Set says:

    Dave, don’t forget the fact that a hydraulic jack’s hydraulics never fail, either.

  5. Dave says:

    Yeah Set, but again, that board will protect him…….

    …..for about 1/32 of a sceond that is.

  6. Peterman says:

    The problem is that his board is too short.