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What’s Parked In Your Garage?

Posted in Bizarre, Cool Stuff, DIY, Funny, General, Parking, Pictures, Toys by Kurt Ernst | April 10th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Can you think of a better home security system?

Caught between selling off the toys to pay the mortgage and keeping up with your neighbors? Are you the former poster child for conspicuous consumption? A company in Munich, Germany may have just what you need.

Maybe you want to keep your dog from crapping on my lawn. Just sayin'.

If this were your boat, how the hell would you get it out of the garage?

Guaranteed to make you the most popular guy on the block.

Called Style-Your-Garage, the company prints photo realistic murals on heavy-duty, tear-resistant vinyl, similar to the type used for truck tarpaulins. The murals attach to single and double wide garage doors using hook-and-loop fasteners, and can be installed by a homeowner in less than an hour.

Never mind the airplane, I just wish I had all that space in my garage.

Of couse a pair of formula cars wouldn't be bad, either.

A Night Rod, looking suitably evil.

Style-Your-Garage has dozens of prints to choose from, and will happily create one from your own design. Prices range from $228.00 for a single width garage door mural, to $339.00 for a double wide garage mural. A limited selection of manufacturer-sponsored single murals (from Need for Speed, Harley Davidson and Mini) are available for $53.00 to $134.00, but don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping an oversized box from Germany to your front door.

Hmm, bad idea. How long before a drunk plows into your door?

Who wouldn't want a '32 Ford in their garage?

Deed restrictions? I've got your deed restrictions right here.

Why not just put up a sign saying, 'home invasion robberies welcome'?

Thanks to my buddy Jay for the tip. Wnat more info? You’ll find it here.

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2 Responses

  1. Louis DeCerchio says:

    Use of What’s in your garage. This is trademarked by the uspto reg # 3515450 ..Please remove and refrain from usage.

    • Kurt Ernst says:

      This was used as the title of an article, and was in no way, shape or form meant to infringe on a trademark. I have changed the title of the article to “What’s Parked In Your Garage?”.