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Ridelust Style: What’s Hot In Helmets

Posted in Design, Motorcycle, Roads, Safety, Scooters, Sportbikes, Toys by Vito Rispo | October 29th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Like I said before, I love the look of open face helmets, but I also love my chin. That’s why I stand by my belief in the supremacy of full-face helmets. As far as I’m concerned, a solid white Arai RX-7 Corsair is the end-all be-all of motorcycle helmets. Arai is simple, good looking, and top quality. For ten years running now, Arai has been at the top of J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Study.

But I also recognize that some people like a little variation, they want to show off some of their personality with their helmet. Understandable. So if I couldn’t have a solid white Arai, here are my second choices:

The Roland Sands Bell Star C-Note Helmet

I actually really like this one. Not only was is designed by custom bike designer Roland Sands, but it’s a graphical tribute to the $100 dollar bill. And I love money on so many levels.

Aside from the fact that you can buy all sorts of cool stuff with money, it’s also really pretty. Money is really aesthetic beautiful; it’s a nice color, it has those intricate details and lines and flourishes; and most of all, it has a picture of Benjamin effing Franklin on it. Let me just quote Roland Sands on Ben: “Ben Franklin was one of the true original American pimps.”
Damn right.

Les Ateliers Ruby Helmets + The Limited Signature Series

“Inspired by Steve McQueen, science fiction, and the great tradition of French luxury, Les Ateliers Ruby helmets are in a class of their own.” It takes balls to describe yourself that way. Balls and class. These Ruby helmets are the brainchild of designer Jérôme Coste, and they are seriously hot shit. I mean, really, these are some of the coolest helmets I think I’ve ever seen. The white Saint Honore with carbon fiber and a napa lambskin leather lining and chrome trim, just wow. If I had $800 dollars to spend on a helmet I’d rarely wear, this would be my first purchase. Maybe I should get a scooter just so I could wear one of these helmets…

And check out the Signature models:

The Signature series are a limited edition that has custom artwork from notable artists. The first artist they picked is a French graffiti artist named Honet.
Les Ateliers Ruby will be releasing more Signature limited-edition helmets in the future. Each comes with a 12” vinyl of instrumental music specifically composed for it and features the helmet’s design as album art. Nice, right?

The Roof Boxer V8 – Be a fighter pilot for the Empire?

This is about the most science-fiction-y helmet you can buy. The again, I don’t know if you actually can buy it in the US. From what I understand, they’re a huge pain in the ass to order stateside, since it’s a pretty small French company that makes them. Either way, if you want to look like a bounty hunter from the future, and if you can actually get your hands on one of these… do it to it. And let us know how you like them.
And BTW, Roof is the same company that sold those 100% bamboo helmets about a year ago:

Vintage Helmets From eBay

You can’t really wear the vintage helmets you get on eBay and expect them to protect you in an accident. The foam deteriorates over time and the helmets are essentially useless. I only included these in the hopes that some helmet designer or manufacturer will hear my plea: These designs need to come back. Really, somebody out there needs to make a full-face version of the flames helmet in the middle there. Just look at it, that’s quality design.

Full Face Arai – White

Whatever though. You can’t go wrong with a nice white Arai, whether is a RX-7 Corsair, or the RX-7 GP that should be coming to North American soon to replace the Corsair; or a Quantum II; or a Profile; or a Vector. Arai is the way to go.
Check out the JD Power Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction Study:

What do you think Ridelusters? What did I miss? Let’s hear your favorites in the comments.

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  1. Jim says:

    I think money is aesthetically beautiful, but I see some room for improvement. By far, my favorite upgrade has been the enlarged magenta Helvetica “5” on the back of Mr. Lincoln. But even so, i think the design of notes from european nations trump the dollar any day, and not just in value either. Just check out Matthew Dent’s contribution to the Royal Mint.