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What kind of car did you grow up in?

Posted in Ford, Promoted by MrAngry | November 15th, 2010 | 6 Responses |

Ford Country Squire

I think that all of us have had that one family car that sticks out in our minds. Some of us grew up in big sedans, others in SUV’s and yet others, like myself, grew-up in station wagons. If you were a kid growing up in the 1970’s and early 1980’s than you either had one of two things in the driveway. It was either a big four door sedan or coupe, or a station wagon. Remember, SUV’s and mini-vans hadn’t been invented yet. At my house we had a 1979 Ford Country Squire station wagon, similar to the one you see here. It was green, with fake wood paneling on the side, and a green vinyl interior and my mom drove that sucker like a rented mule.

Ford Country Squire

My Mother was in a constant state of war with this car, as truth be told it was a lemon from day one. Being green with wood paneling meant that all the neighborhood birds thought the big green Ford was a tree, so they were constantly flying into it. We’d be sitting in the family room and hear that familiar “THUNK”, only to go outside and find that another bird had bit the dust at the expense of the Ford. Then there was the time when my Mother was driving myself and a few friends home from someplace and the rear window just exploded for no apparent reason. Like any good Mother would, my Mom hit the gas because she thought we were being attacked by a sniper. Turns out it was just a crappy rear defroster.

Ford Country Squire

We drove that sucker on road trips, back and fourth to school and everyplace in between, and with every problem it had, I swear my Mom fought back with the tenacity of a lioness defending her cubs. Dammit if this car was going to beat her down… no flippin’ way. The big Ford was also the car I learned how to drive in, as she’d let me lean over from the passenger seat and steer from time to time. It wasn’t exactly drivers ed, but it did the job. We had that car up until the mid-1980’s when I sold it to a guy at a local boat yard that I was working at for a whopping $300.00. It had around 120,000 miles on it, and was pretty clapped out. Even though it tried to kill us on multiple occasions, I’ve actually got some good memories of that old Ford. Hell, even now, every time I hear a loud “THUNK” come from outside I simply can’t resist the urge to go over to the window, just to see if that old Ford has claimed another victim.

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6 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    ahhh, the old Country Squire wagon with the simulated woodgrain side panels. Yeah, my dad had one of those when I was very young. It was an earlier model than this one but very similar. I remember the huge tailgate that swung WAYYY out to one side with a chrome-covered power lock button and a big power window that rolled down. That thing was really cool. My dad replaced it with a Chevy utility van in ’79 and it wasn’t nearly as ‘plush’ nor did it have as much personality.

    We also had a ’74 Subaru, green, with a 4-speed manual that was about as basic a car as you could get. It had an AM radio, vinyl perforated seats, and a little rat-trap motor (1.2L?) that was the most indestructible single piece of machinery I’ve ever seen. Got in an accident with a school bus. Still ran like a top. Hit deer. No problemo. I think my dad sold that thing with 350k on it for like $150 or something like that and although the floor pans were rusted through it still ran perfectly. I haven’t seen that car for over 20 years and I still remember it pretty well.

  2. i grew up in a Corolla from the 90’s. That’s what my mom had back then and she still drives it today. My mom was afraid to drive freeways, so we would roll from Orange County all the way to Apple Valley to visit my aunt in the Corolla driving ONLY inside streets :( I think it took around eight hours :( What a childhood :(

  3. BigRuss says:

    lets see… my dad always had some sort of pickup truck… and the one he had the longest was a 1990 ford ranger… then a 1981 C10… but my mom had a lil Nissan Sentra… that turned into a Expedition and now a camry… my dad how ever has a Frontier…

    and i was the proud owner of his old Ranger back in high school and now own the C10… which before it gets too cold will be sitting closer to the pavement

  4. Steve says:

    Ford Granada Ghia, http://bit.ly/cgIErF It look great, but was a rust bucket. It was later traded for Cortina and then a Volvo.

  5. Mark Smith says:

    Buick Electra. Now PLEASE make those memories go away!

  6. Kiffie says:

    My grandparents had a Buick Estate Wagon that I rode in whenever I visited them. Being toddler-age, I always wound up scrunched between my grandfather and grandma in that ridiculous middle seat, having to kick my knees over to the other side of the hump to keep them out of the driver’s way.

    When my grandfather stopped driving, my dad inherited the thing, and we had it for years. By then, I was old enough to sit by myself, and I always took the very rear bench — the kind that faced towards the rear window. The Buick’s shocks rolled like a boat and for a kid, it was exciting.

    I never did get to drive it– it died long before I got my license (and was replaced by a VW Rabbit, of all things) –but the car carried some good memories of my grandparents, and of watching the world by, backwards.