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What Do You Think Of RideLust

Posted in General by Ryan | January 15th, 2009 | 1 Response |

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One Response

  1. Ray says:

    Hey seems like a reputable site but me personally as a professional mechanic who always fixes cars efficiently and in good time and good price I resent greatly the post 20 ways to tell if a mechanic knows what hes doing. Though the post has some good points most of it is the same ole mechanic bashing crap that causes technicians to have untrusting anxious customers that make our jobs tough to do. Mechanics weren’t delivered to earth to live miserable disrespecting lives just to serve the public. WE ARE HUMANS TOO! Most mechanics spend their lives exposed to unbearable human greif, chemicals that would clear a stream of living beings and etc. etc.! When does the world wake up and realize the sacrifices we make to keep selfish people who don’t give a crap about our well being’s auto’s. LOL Sorry it’s the life I chose but we don’t need the negative publicity. There’s enough of it already. Thanx but no thanx! All the same things could be said about any repair industry, there’s hundreds of junk AC units at every heat and AC repair facility and on and on! Doesn’t matter I’ll keep repairing cars no matter what the sad human race does it’s my duty and my profession that I take great pride in!